Fujitsu patents granted on 24 June 2014

47 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,763,151 Mediation processing method, mediation apparatus and system
2 8,763,001 Technique for efficient parallelization of software analysis in a distributed computing environment through intelligent dynamic load balancing
3 8,762,975 Performance tuning apparatus, performance tuning method, and computer product
4 8,762,973 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, and program for executing intermediate code instructions
5 8,762,913 Recording medium for generation program for connection of printed circuit boards, generation method for connection of printed circuit boards, and generation apparatus for connection of printed circuit boards
6 8,762,910 Wiring design method
7 8,762,773 Processing apparatus, data migration method, and computer-readable recording medium having data migration program recorded thereon
8 8,762,765 Electronic apparatus, clock apparatus, and clock control apparatus
9 8,762,673 Interleaving data across corresponding storage groups
10 8,762,670 Storage device and storage device control method
11 8,762,665 Switch apparatus storing information indicating access of hosts to virtual storage areas
12 8,762,648 Storage system, control apparatus and control method therefor
13 8,762,643 Control method for disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus
14 8,762,593 Data transmission system and data communication device
15 8,762,530 Peer-to-peer network with paid uploaders
16 8,762,086 Phase imbalance monitoring apparatus, amplitude imbalance monitoring apparatus, and apparatus using the same
17 8,761,926 Apparatus and method for robot control
18 8,761,921 System, operation cell, method, product manufacturing method, and marker for locating operation position
19 8,761,849 Superconductive filter with plurality of resonator patterns formed on surface of dielectric substrate
20 8,761,685 Wireless network apparatus, wireless network system and wireless network node controlling method
21 8,761,613 External modulator monitoring device and external modulator monitoring method
22 8,761,600 In-band supervisory data modulation
23 8,761,566 Mobile terminal device
24 8,761,548 Optical modulator and optical modulation control method
25 8,761,521 Still image verifying apparatus and method
26 8,761,275 Wireless communication apparatus and method for wireless communication
27 8,761,264 Apparatus and method for coding moving pictures
28 8,761,256 Encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
29 8,761,246 Encoding/decoding device, encoding/decoding method and storage medium
30 8,761,173 Network configuring method, network system and relay apparatus
31 8,761,083 Radio communication method of intermittently transmitting channel quality indicator (CQI) information
32 8,760,941 Data transfer circuit and data transfer method
33 8,760,881 Plug-in unit
34 8,760,870 Pluggable module and method of inserting electronic module
35 8,760,722 Apparatus and method for processing images
36 8,760,434 Method of detecting position on touchscreen panel, touchscreen panel, and method of initializing touchscreen panel
37 8,760,387 Display device and control method
38 8,760,338 Compapator and analog-to-digital convertor
39 8,760,211 Level converter and processor
40 8,759,918 Semiconductor device and semiconductor logic circuit device
41 8,759,705 Push button-type switch device
42 8,759,192 Semiconductor device having wiring and capacitor made by damascene method and its manufacture
43 8,759,161 Surface coating method, semiconductor device, and circuit board package
44 8,759,119 Method of testing a semiconductor device and suctioning a semiconductor device in the wafer state
45 8,757,899 Optical connector
46 8,757,898 Optical coupling structure and array optical amplification module
47 8,757,491 Image processing device, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing image processing program