Fujitsu patents granted on 24 May 2011

34 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,949,977 Method and device for estimating simultaneous switching noise in semiconductor device, and storage medium
2 7,949,940 Program and method for restricting data entry
3 7,949,901 Program and apparatus for generating system test specifications
4 7,949,895 Data reading method
5 7,949,862 Branch prediction table storing addresses with compressed high order bits
6 7,949,799 Storage apparatus, and method of stopping operation of add-on storage device which is in operation within the storage apparatus
7 7,949,755 Network/service control method
8 7,949,632 Database-rearranging program, database-rearranging method, and database-rearranging apparatus
9 7,949,535 User authentication system, fraudulent user determination method and computer program product
10 7,949,339 Communication method, communication apparatus and communication system
11 7,949,312 Bi-axial swivel assembly in electronic apparatus
12 7,949,307 Radio communication system
13 7,949,256 Method and system for increasing downstream bandwidth in an optical network
14 7,949,217 Selectively enhancing angular beam deflection
15 7,949,080 Phase adjusting function evaluating method, transmission margin measuring method, information processing apparatus and computer readable information recording medium
16 7,949,016 Interactive communication system, communication equipment and communication control method
17 7,948,932 Radio communication apparatus, and mobile station
18 7,948,892 Relay method, relay device, communication system, and computer program
19 7,948,752 Electronic device
20 7,948,742 Planar display device
21 7,948,670 Optical attenuator
22 7,948,618 Defect inspection method and apparatus with a threshold value determination
23 7,948,318 Amplifying circuit, AC signal amplifying circuit and input bias adjusting method
24 7,948,304 Constant-voltage generating circuit and regulator circuit
25 7,948,288 Digital delay locked loop circuit
26 7,948,228 Technique for measuring power source noise generated inside integrated circuit
27 7,948,219 Control circuit of synchronous rectification type power supply unit, synchronous rectification type power supply unit and control method thereof
28 7,948,091 Mounting structure for semiconductor element
29 7,948,081 Carbon nanotube structure, a semiconductor device, a semiconductor package and a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
30 7,948,062 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
31 7,948,056 Integrated electronic device and method of making the same
32 7,947,567 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with reduced oxide film variation
33 7,947,547 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
34 7,946,497 Non-contact IC, information processing apparatus, reader/writer, and use restriction method