Fujitsu patents granted on 24 November 2015

41 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,198,168 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
2 9,198,166 Wireless communication system, base station, mobile station, and wireless communication method
3 9,198,086 Radio communication method, relay station, mobile station, and mobile communication system
4 9,198,081 Communication system, receiving device, relay device, reception method, and relay method
5 9,198,052 Apparatus and method for transmitting data to a wireless communication device to minimize congestion and interference from undetectable devices through carrier sensing
6 9,198,012 Communication apparatus and communication method for extracting notification information from received signal and transmitting notification information
7 9,197,863 Display system that displays augmented reality image of posted data icons on captured image for vehicle-mounted apparatus
8 9,197,850 Display apparatus having a cover for a webcam
9 9,197,715 Information processing apparatus and data control method
10 9,197,585 Apparatus and method for relaying a packet transmitted from and to an information processor
11 9,197,566 Information processing method, recording medium, and information processing apparatus
12 9,197,542 Systems and methods of network reconfiguration
13 9,197,442 Relay apparatus and relay method
14 9,197,416 Verification apparatus, verification program, and verification method
15 9,197,350 Systems and methods for routing and wavelength assignment for network virtualization
16 9,197,348 Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
17 9,197,347 Optical transmission system and noise suppression method
18 9,197,323 Asymmetric compensation of polarization dependent loss in dual-polarization optical systems
19 9,197,320 System and method for monitoring polarization-dependent loss
20 9,197,223 Electronic circuit, radar apparatus, and method of performing self-diagnosis on radar apparatus
21 9,197,130 Regulator device having degradation detection
22 9,197,077 Charging control of a battery pack of an electronic apparatus
23 9,196,986 Contact, connector, and method of producing connector
24 9,196,727 High uniformity screen and epitaxial layers for CMOS devices
25 9,196,685 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
26 9,196,526 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method having copper interconnects with metal film, barrier metal, and metal caps
27 9,196,290 Library device
28 9,196,247 Voice recognition method and voice recognition apparatus
29 9,196,191 Driving device, electronic device, and drive control program
30 9,195,688 Table processing apparatus and method for joining two tables
31 9,195,554 Information processing apparatus and maintenance method of an information processing apparatus
32 9,195,548 Information processing method and apparatus for recovering state of system
33 9,195,529 Information processing apparatus and activation method
34 9,195,444 Compiler method and compiler apparatus for optimizing a code by transforming a code to another code including a parallel processing instruction
35 9,195,398 Information storage device and method
36 9,195,359 Providing resistance portions along touch panel electrodes, for adjusting electric potential distribution
37 9,195,340 Key display device and recording medium
38 9,195,014 Optical connector, optical connector system and optical backplane apparatus for optically connecting first optical waveguide and second optical waveguide
39 9,195,003 Optical unit in which optical element is mounted on base having optical wave guide and method of manufacturing the same
40 9,195,001 Spot size converter, optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical transceiver, and method of manufacturing spot size converter
41 9,194,940 Signal processing apparatus, radar apparatus, and signal processing method