Fujitsu patents granted on 25 August 2015

32 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,119,312 Support device and system
2 9,119,311 Electronic device having waterproof structure
3 9,119,021 Radio bearers for machine type communication
4 9,118,676 Storage medium, information processing device and method
5 9,118,580 Communication device and method for controlling transmission priority related to shared backup communication channel
6 9,118,537 Reception apparatus, communication apparatus, transmission apparatus, receiving method, and transmitting method
7 9,118,514 Receiver and signal processing method
8 9,118,479 Mobile communication system
9 9,118,460 Clock and data recovery circuit
10 9,118,451 Receiver circuit and receiving method
11 9,118,436 PON system and subcarrier assigning method
12 9,118,381 Mobile communication system, radio relay apparatus, mobile communication apparatus, and radio communication method
13 9,117,891 Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
14 9,117,788 Heat sink device and method of repairing semiconductor device
15 9,117,746 Porting a circuit design from a first semiconductor process to a second semiconductor process
16 9,117,675 Semiconductor device production method
17 9,117,456 Noise suppression apparatus, method, and a storage medium storing a noise suppression program
18 9,117,391 Portable terminal, and operation interval setting method
19 9,117,298 Image processing device, image processing system and bank management method
20 9,117,059 Methods for administering an autonomous rights component, autonomous rights administration systems and devices carrying out the methods
21 9,117,047 Diagnosis device, control method of diagnosis device, and recording medium
22 9,117,041 Magnetic property analyzing apparatus and method
23 9,117,034 Data processing apparatus, computation device, control method for data processing apparatus
24 9,116,961 Information processing device, information processing system and search method
25 9,116,898 Information conversion device, computer-readable recording medium, and information conversion method
26 9,116,743 Storage medium, information processing apparatus, and migration method
27 9,116,683 Control device, control method, and system
28 9,116,682 Uninterruptible power supply device with alerts abnormal end of power-off processing of a computer system
29 9,116,637 Control device, storage device, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
30 9,116,359 Stereoscopic image display apparatus
31 9,116,309 Optical connector
32 9,116,012 On-vehicle apparatus