Fujitsu patents granted on 25 January 2011

33 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,877,671 Communication apparatus, communication control method, and computer product
2 7,877,616 Data management system, data processing system, and computer-readable medium having on which data management program is recorded
3 7,877,605 Opinion registering application for a universal pervasive transaction framework
4 7,877,578 Processing apparatus for storing branch history information in predecode instruction cache
5 7,877,574 Relay node communication interface transmitting update packet to higher node by executing chain indivisibility instructions upon receiving data change notification from lower node
6 7,877,557 Information processing system, information processing method and program
7 7,877,097 Reuse pattern network scheduling using interference levels
8 7,877,025 Phase monitor apparatus, phase control apparatus and methods thereof for optical DQPSK receiver
9 7,877,017 Optical waveform measurement system and optical waveform measurement method
10 7,876,928 Method and device for authenticating a person, and computer product
11 7,876,816 Moving picture coding program, program storage medium, and coding apparatus
12 7,876,753 IP multi-cast video ring distribution and protection
13 7,876,702 Computer program product, apparatus and method for monitoring network and regulating packets on a network path
14 7,876,682 Admission control method and admission control system
15 7,876,675 Multicast network monitoring method and multicast network system to which the method is applied
16 7,876,568 Electronic device
17 7,876,524 Library apparatus and transporting mechanism therefor
18 7,876,491 Multilevel optical phase modulator
19 7,876,463 Image outputting system and computer-readable medium for outputting image
20 7,876,346 Thermal printer and cutter
21 7,876,253 A/D conversion circuit for use with low-potential and high-potential power supplies
22 7,876,161 Amplifier circuit having first amplifying section and second amplifying section
23 7,876,143 Phase shifter
24 7,876,077 Control circuit and control method of current mode control type DC-DC converter
25 7,876,076 Circuit for preventing through current in DC-DC converter
26 7,875,981 Insulating film material, multilayer interconnection structure, method for manufacturing same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
27 7,875,946 Semiconductor photodetector that causes avalanche multiplication to occur only at photodetector portion located at central portion of mesa structure
28 7,875,875 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
29 7,875,535 Compound semiconductor device using SiC substrate and its manufacture
30 7,875,521 Semiconductor device and production method thereof
31 7,875,339 Thermoplastic resin casing and method for fabricating the same
32 7,874,847 Electronic part and circuit substrate
33 7,874,173 Thermal capacitor