Fujitsu patents granted on 25 March 2014

52 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,683,494 Constructing event sequences in event-driven programs
2 8,683,474 Accounting apparatus and method for SMT processor
3 8,683,415 Wiring support method and apparatus
4 8,683,406 Method of defining shape and position of dummy active region by processing data using a patterning apparatus
5 8,683,403 Power circuit analysis apparatus and method that outputs an analysis result for segmented regions of the power circuit
6 8,683,401 Information processing device and design supporting method
7 8,683,399 Timing constraint generating support apparatus and method of supporting generation of timing constraint
8 8,683,308 Semiconductor device, information processing apparatus, and method of detecting error
9 8,683,278 Semiconductor device
10 8,683,181 Processor and method for distributing load among plural pipeline units
11 8,683,165 Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips
12 8,683,155 Virtualization control apparatus and storage system
13 8,683,146 Storage apparatus and controlling method of storage apparatus
14 8,683,059 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhancing computer network security
15 8,682,996 Apparatus for handling message reception
16 8,682,941 Database apparatus
17 8,682,933 Traversal based directed graph compaction
18 8,682,899 Apparatus and method for managing systems each including a plurality of configuration items
19 8,682,880 Location and keyword based information providing apparatus, method, and memory medium
20 8,682,834 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
21 8,682,813 Sample class prediction method, prediction program, and prediction apparatus
22 8,682,524 View control system and view control method
23 8,682,386 Dual-mode system and dual-mode wireless terminal
24 8,682,353 Communication controlling method, method for sharing information, wireless terminal, wireless base station, and wireless base station controlling apparatus
25 8,682,167 Optical transmission device
26 8,682,157 Optical communication system, optical receiving terminal, and optical signal fault detection method
27 8,681,864 Video coding apparatus and video coding control method
28 8,681,818 Frame generating apparatus, optical transmission system, frame generating method, and optical transmission method
29 8,681,814 Wireless communication systems
30 8,681,798 Communications apparatus and frame control method
31 8,681,785 Communication apparatus and path setting control method
32 8,681,747 Wireless communication system
33 8,681,703 Communication device, wireless communication device, and control method
34 8,681,670 Apparatus and method for multiplexing data of a layer into data transmission unit of another layer
35 8,681,642 Equipment-information transmitting apparatus, service control apparatus, equipment-information transmitting method, and computer products
36 8,681,636 Monitoring apparatus, method, and computer product
37 8,681,634 Systems and methods for determining protection paths in a multi-domain network
38 8,681,508 Electronic apparatus
39 8,681,420 Optical transmission system
40 8,681,419 Optical amplifier and transmission loss measurement method
41 8,681,187 Image processing apparatus, non-transitory storage medium storing image processing program and image processing method
42 8,681,092 Input device
43 8,680,967 Content distribution system, server computer and recording medium
44 8,680,923 Output circuit
45 8,680,921 Amplifying apparatus, transmitter, and amplifying apparatus control method
46 8,680,919 Impedance adjustments in amplifiers
47 8,680,826 Optimized conversion efficiency for regulator apparatus with plural parallel regulators
48 8,680,596 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
49 8,679,973 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
50 8,679,017 Biological information measurement apparatus and method
51 8,678,748 Blower fan unit and blower fan system
52 8,678,674 Optical transceiver and production method thereof