Fujitsu patents granted on 25 October 2016

38 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,480,191 Electronic apparatus having integrated shielding film
2 9,480,034 Radio communication device and timing control method
3 9,479,891 Communication transmission system
4 9,479,781 Motion video encoding apparatus, motion video encoding method, and motion video encoding computer program
5 9,479,740 Image generating apparatus
6 9,479,634 Mobile terminal temperature control that sets function operation mode based on usage time history
7 9,479,619 Transmission apparatus, transmission system, and transmission method
8 9,479,496 Communication terminal and secure log-in method acquiring password from server using user ID and sensor data
9 9,479,423 Information processing system, relay device, information processing device, and information processing method
10 9,479,410 Information processing system, information processing device, data transfer device, and information processing system control method
11 9,479,359 Communication device and path establishing method
12 9,479,286 Optically interconnected chip, method of testing the same, and optical receiver
13 9,479,249 Optical transmission system and optical transmission device
14 9,479,195 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, compression method, decompression method, compression device, and decompression device
15 9,479,124 Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation method
16 9,478,571 Buried channel deeply depleted channel transistor
17 9,478,539 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
18 9,478,522 Electronic part, electronic device, and manufacturing method
19 9,478,379 Polarized electromagnetic relay
20 9,478,061 Image processing apparatus and method that synthesizes an all-round image of a vehicle’s surroundings
21 9,478,015 Exposure enhancement method and apparatus for a defogged image
22 9,477,928 System and method for comparing software frameworks
23 9,477,920 RFID tag
24 9,477,880 Behavior detection method and behavior detection apparatus
25 9,477,846 Signature device and signature method
26 9,477,742 Update control device, update control program, and update control method
27 9,477,618 Information processing device, information processing system, storage medium storing program for controlling information processing device, and method for controlling information processing device
28 9,477,601 Apparatus and method for determining a sector division ratio of a shared cache memory
29 9,477,510 Determination method and determination device
30 9,477,465 Arithmetic processing apparatus, control method of arithmetic processing apparatus, and a computer-readable storage medium storing a control program for controlling an arithmetic processing apparatus
31 9,477,460 Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for selective application of update programs dependent upon a load of a virtual machine and related apparatus and method
32 9,477,442 Processor and control method of processor
33 9,477,384 Display control apparatus, system and recording medium having display control program
34 9,477,305 Stereoscopic image display apparatus and computer-readable recording medium storing program thereon
35 9,477,273 Mounting rail for an insert assembly
36 9,476,914 Interconnection card for inspection, manufacture method for interconnection card, and inspection method using interconnection card
37 9,475,430 Vehicle image processing apparatus and vehicle image processing method
38 9,475,190 Robot