Fujitsu patents granted on 25 September 2007

22 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,275,231 High level validation of designs and products
2 7,275,170 Performance controller of electronic device, performance controlling method and computer program product
3 7,275,166 Power saving control system and power saving control method
4 7,275,158 Home server including a proxy facility, for executing an authentication and an encryption process instead of a user terminal, in an electronic commercial transaction
5 7,275,146 Instruction control device and method therefor
6 7,275,080 Trouble information management system
7 7,275,064 Apparatus for managing virtualized-information
8 7,275,054 Method of and apparatus for distributing data, and computer program
9 7,274,914 Output power error absorbing circuit and multi-carrier transmitter having the same
10 7,274,878 Dispersion compensation method in optical communication system having optical add drop multiplexing capability
11 7,274,744 Multicarrier communication system and reception device for same
12 7,274,711 Network relay apparatus and method of combining packets
13 7,274,558 Electronic apparatus and display panel fixed structure
14 7,274,342 Drive circuit and plasma display device
15 7,274,296 RFID tag
16 7,274,200 Semiconductor circuit, method of monitoring semiconductor-circuit performance, method of testing semiconductor circuit, equipment for testing semiconductor circuit, and program for testing semiconductor circuit
17 7,274,129 Surface acoustic wave device and method of fabricating the same
18 7,274,119 Yoke for voice coil motor in recording disk drive
19 7,273,666 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium driving apparatus
20 7,273,325 Thermal printer and cutter
21 7,273,211 Paper-sheet handling apparatus
22 7,273,170 Verification system and program check method for verification system