Fujitsu patents granted on 26 August 2008

44 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,418,613 Power supply control method, power supply control unit and information processing apparatus
2 7,418,559 Address snoop method and multi-processor system
3 7,418,558 Information processing system, system control apparatus, and system control method
4 7,418,556 Accessing memory and processor caches of nodes in multi-node configurations
5 7,418,553 Method and apparatus of controlling electric power for translation lookaside buffer
6 7,418,533 Data storage system and control apparatus with a switch unit connected to a plurality of first channel adapter and modules wherein mirroring is performed
7 7,418,487 Apparatus and the method for integrating NICs with RDMA capability but no hardware memory protection in a system without dedicated monitoring processes
8 7,418,397 Witness system
9 7,418,393 Data reproduction device, method thereof and storage medium
10 7,418,279 Mobile radio communication apparatus
11 7,418,211 Control apparatus and control method for optical modulator
12 7,418,206 Control method of wavelength dispersion compensator, and wavelength dispersion compensator
13 7,418,203 Diagnosis method for standby system of optical ring network
14 7,418,165 Flexible optical waveguides for backplane optical interconnections
15 7,418,126 Image distortion correcting method and apparatus, and storage medium
16 7,418,058 Distortion compensating apparatus and method
17 7,418,057 Distortion compensating apparatus, compressed data generating method
18 7,418,036 Method and circuit for timing pulse generation
19 7,418,009 Method of transferring frames of variable length for a passive optical network that improves network efficiency and simplifies child apparatus
20 7,417,914 Semiconductor memory device
21 7,417,884 Memory system
22 7,417,878 Distributed power supply and method of recovering from error
23 7,417,844 Stacked solid electrolytic capacitor
24 7,417,833 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus having element for correcting misaligned magnetization direction
25 7,417,829 Head slider having a flat first step and a second flat step with a groove therein, and disk drive employing the head slider
26 7,417,814 Magnetic recording device
27 7,417,792 Optical amplification device
28 7,417,791 Optical amplifier for amplifying multi-wavelength light
29 7,417,639 Drawing device and information processing apparatus
30 7,417,585 Radar scanning method
31 7,417,477 PLL circuit
32 7,417,423 Method of testing a magnetic head for eliminating defective magnetic heads
33 7,417,326 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
34 7,417,320 Substrate structure and manufacturing method of the same
35 7,417,276 Thin film capacitor and fabrication method thereof
36 7,417,273 Image sensor with embedded photodiode region and fabrication method thereof
37 7,416,988 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
38 7,416,985 Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure and fabrication method thereof
39 7,416,934 Semiconductor device
40 7,416,921 Method for flip-chip mounting utilizing a delay curing-type adhesive with two-part hardening resin
41 7,416,837 Resist pattern-improving material and a method for preparing a resist pattern by using the same
42 7,416,805 Fuel cell device and case thereof
43 7,416,182 Paper skew correcting device and bill depositing/dispensing apparatus
44 7,416,048 Portable terminal apparatus