Fujitsu patents granted on 26 August 2014

53 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,819,581 Information processing device and image processing device
2 8,819,509 Integrated circuit, test circuit, and method of testing
3 8,819,496 Apparatus for collecting trace information and processing trace information, and method for collecting and processing trace information
4 8,819,366 Data processing device, non-transitory computer readable medium and method for controlling data processing device
5 8,819,364 Information processing apparatus, tape device, and computer-readable medium storing program
6 8,819,363 Data copying method
7 8,819,323 Data transfer circuit and data transfer method
8 8,819,270 Information processing apparatus, computer-readable non transitory storage medium storing image transmission program, and computer-readable storage medium storing image display program
9 8,819,246 Communication apparatus, system, method and recording medium of program
10 8,819,107 Relay apparatus, recording medium storing a relay program, and a relay method
11 8,819,036 Computer product, search method, search apparatus, and node
12 8,819,016 Apparatus, method, and program for structuring visualization object data; and apparatus, method, and program for visualizing visualization object data
13 8,818,997 Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium with recorded information processing program
14 8,818,764 Downmixing device and method
15 8,818,732 Molecular network analysis support method and apparatus
16 8,818,539 Audio encoding device, audio encoding method, and video transmission device
17 8,818,393 Transition mechanism for energy efficient mobile overlay network
18 8,818,373 Radio communication method in radio communication system, radio communication system, base station apparatus and terminal apparatus
19 8,818,279 Communication device and method for controlling communication device
20 8,818,207 Optical transmitter
21 8,818,191 Wavelength reallocation method and node device
22 8,818,189 Transmission-path-type specifying apparatus and transmission-path-type specifying method
23 8,818,142 Optical semiconductor device
24 8,818,104 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
25 8,818,015 Marker placement device, marker placement detecting device, and computer readable storage medium for storing marker placement program
26 8,817,973 Encrypting method having countermeasure function against power analyzing attacks
27 8,817,864 Communication device and method of setting communication device
28 8,817,775 Access gateway and method of operation by the same
29 8,817,679 Base station, communication system and communication method
30 8,817,660 Communication management apparatus, communication management method, and computer product
31 8,817,632 Method of measuring packet loss rate, packet loss rate measuring device and storage medium
32 8,817,631 Contention-based uplink data transmission method, apparatus and system
33 8,817,616 Node device and computer readable storage medium storing program
34 8,817,529 Magnetic memory device and reading method of magnetic memory device
35 8,817,505 Three-phase rectifier with bidirectional switches
36 8,817,478 Communication device and method of coupling electrically circuit boards
37 8,817,470 Electronic device and complex electronic device
38 8,817,079 Image processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
39 8,817,005 Reflection-type display apparatus
40 8,816,902 Radar apparatus
41 8,816,898 Radar apparatus
42 8,816,888 Ad conversion circuit, semiconductor device, and ad conversion method
43 8,816,817 Authentication apparatus
44 8,816,793 Transmission line, impedance transformer, integrated circuit mounted device, and communication device module
45 8,816,759 Electric circuit and semiconductor device
46 8,816,739 Semiconductor device
47 8,816,510 Semiconductor apparatus, substrate design method, and substrate design apparatus
48 8,816,452 Electric device and method of manufacturing the same
49 8,816,408 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
50 8,815,612 Ferroelectric memory device and fabrication process thereof, fabrication process of a semiconductor device
51 8,815,017 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of cleaning semiconductor substrate
52 8,814,453 Printer
53 8,813,518 Air conditioner