Fujitsu patents granted on 26 February 2008

29 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,337,414 Logical equivalence verifying device, method, and computer-readable medium thereof
2 7,337,406 Creation supporting apparatus and creation supporting method of graphical user interface program, and recording medium recorded with creation supporting program
3 7,337,379 Apparatus and method for diagnosing integrated circuit
4 7,337,347 Information processing system and method for timing adjustment
5 7,337,304 Processor for executing instruction control in accordance with dynamic pipeline scheduling and a method thereof
6 7,337,274 Computer and control method
7 7,337,247 Buffer and method of diagnosing buffer failure
8 7,337,145 E-money managing method and system, e-money managing/holding medium, computer-readable recording medium in which e-money managing program is recorded, e-value managing/holding medium, and e-value managing method
9 7,337,087 Circuit analyzing apparatus, circuit analyzing method and circuit analyzing program
10 7,337,029 Design data management system and trace system
11 7,336,870 Optical transmission system
12 7,336,834 Image processing system
13 7,336,751 Power control circuit and radio transmission apparatus
14 7,336,655 System and method for recording call details and memory product
15 7,336,648 Label switching system
16 7,336,627 Digital subscriber line transmission method, apparatus and system
17 7,336,488 Radiator mechanism and electronic apparatus having same
18 7,336,448 Magnetic head actuator with equalized deviation
19 7,336,444 Magnetic head assembly
20 7,336,335 Substrate for liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device including the same
21 7,336,135 Oscillator and semiconductor device
22 7,336,124 Operational amplifier, line driver, and liquid crystal display device
23 7,336,108 Semiconductor integrated circuit with stepped-up voltage pump circuit
24 7,336,107 Comparator circuit and control method thereof
25 7,336,060 Circuit and method for controlling a DC-DC converter by enabling the synchronous rectifier during undervoltage lockout
26 7,335,701 Magnetic disk drive having a surface coating on a magnetic disk
27 7,335,542 Semiconductor device with mushroom electrode and manufacture method thereof
28 7,335,408 Carbon nanotube composite material comprising a continuous metal coating in the inner surface, magnetic material and production thereof
29 7,334,727 Store management system