Fujitsu patents granted on 26 February 2013

45 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D676,847 Personal computer
2 8,387,013 Method, apparatus, and computer product for managing operation
3 8,386,991 Support apparatus, method, and recording medium
4 8,386,989 Semiconductor circuit design support technique
5 8,386,863 Scanning-capable latch device, scan chain device, and scanning method with latch circuits
6 8,386,796 Information processing apparatus and information management method
7 8,386,707 Virtual disk management program, storage device management program, multinode storage system, and virtual disk managing method
8 8,386,692 Method for communicating between nodes and server apparatus
9 8,386,683 Information processing apparatus, interrupt control device and interrupt control method
10 8,386,673 KVM switch and method for controlling the same
11 8,386,671 Communication system, communication device and communication method
12 8,386,635 Data communication system capable of adjusting transmission speeds
13 8,386,624 Broadcast processing method for network system and network system
14 8,386,575 Method of realizing uniqueness assurance and method of determining message destination
15 8,386,228 Microcomputer simulator
16 8,386,160 Body detection apparatus, and body detection method
17 8,385,922 Mobile terminal and communication method
18 8,385,918 Radio communication system, base station apparatus, terminal apparatus, and radio link setting method in radio communication system
19 8,385,859 Electronic apparatus, transmitter, amplifier, and amplifier control method
20 8,385,857 Wireless communication apparatus
21 8,385,852 Phase correction apparatus and phase correction method
22 8,385,830 Wireless communication terminal and sound volume control method
23 8,385,825 Communication device
24 8,385,816 Relay device and relay method
25 8,385,746 Optical interface device, and abnormality monitoring method for input frequency deviation
26 8,385,741 Optical pulse generating device and optical signal processing device
27 8,385,431 Moving picture data decoding device
28 8,385,407 Moving image coding apparatus, moving image decoding apparatus, moving image coding method and moving image decoding method
29 8,385,359 Information communication system, connection setting apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing connection setting program
30 8,385,342 System and method of virtual private network route target filtering
31 8,385,278 Mobile radio terminal and communication processing method
32 8,385,191 Line bypass system using vendor specific area of common public radio interface (CPRI)
33 8,385,128 Semiconductor memory
34 8,385,116 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device, controller and threshold adjustment method
35 8,385,077 Electronic device
36 8,384,669 Information processing apparatus, remote system, and computer readable medium
37 8,384,571 A/D conversion circuit and A/D conversion method
38 8,384,481 Signal amplification device and signal amplification method
39 8,384,477 Distortion compensating apparatus, amplifying apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and distortion compensating method
40 8,384,451 PLL circuit, method for operating PLL circuit and system
41 8,383,524 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
42 8,383,516 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,383,509 Manufacture method for semiconductor device having improved copper diffusion preventive function of plugs and wirings made of copper or copper alloy and semiconductor device of this kind
44 8,383,484 Semiconductor device production method
45 8,381,963 Compression-bonding apparatus