Fujitsu patents granted on 26 July 2011

28 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,987,513 Data-use restricting method and computer product
2 7,987,279 Control-relay apparatus
3 7,987,277 Safety information transmission device
4 7,987,263 Bandwidth control server, computer readable record medium on which bandwidth control program is recorded, and monitoring system
5 7,987,093 Speech synthesizing device, speech synthesizing system, language processing device, speech synthesizing method and recording medium
6 7,987,076 Electromagnetic field simulator and electromagnetic field simulation program storage medium
7 7,986,957 Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
8 7,986,759 Data output method, data output apparatus and communication system
9 7,986,623 System and method for rejecting a request to alter a connection
10 7,986,619 Packet network system
11 7,986,561 Semiconductor memory device
12 7,986,507 Variable capacitor
13 7,986,453 Raman amplifier for amplifying signal light for optical communication, optical communication system equipped with Raman amplifier, and method for controlling Raman amplifier
14 7,986,324 Display device, display program storage medium and display method
15 7,986,272 Antenna apparatus and electronic device
16 7,986,258 Analog-digital conversion cell and analog-digital converter
17 7,986,257 Comparator circuit and analog digital converter having the same
18 7,986,183 Amplifying circuit and amplifying method
19 7,986,176 Clock generating apparatus and clock generating method
20 7,986,064 Electrical motor
21 7,986,058 Method for operating a device with redundant power supply units and a power supply apparatus with redundant power supply units
22 7,986,015 Semiconductor device with STI and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
23 7,985,931 Enclosure for a connector
24 7,985,700 Composition for forming insulating film and method for fabricating semiconductor device
25 7,985,641 Semiconductor device with strained transistors and its manufacture
26 7,985,637 Manufacturing method for compound semiconductor device and etching solution
27 7,985,028 Optical fiber splicing technique and optical member unit
28 7,984,841 Member formed with coating film having tin as its main component, coating film forming method and soldering method