Fujitsu patents granted on 26 June 2007

26 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,237,195 Notification method and notification device
2 7,237,173 Recording and reproducing apparatus, signal decoding circuit, error correction method and iterative decoder
3 7,237,053 Clock switching circuit for a hot plug
4 7,237,044 Information processing terminal and transfer processing apparatus
5 7,237,019 Apparatus for notifying a system administrator or an operator of reception of a message containing monitored information in a manner selected according to user situation
6 7,236,984 Digital document discussion apparatus and digital document discussion method
7 7,236,945 Information trading method, information trading system and computer readable recording medium recorded with information trading program
8 7,236,899 Micro-magnetization analysis program, method, and apparatus
9 7,236,797 Mobile communicating system, and a mobile terminal, an information center and a storage medium used therein
10 7,236,788 Soft hand-off in cellular mobile communications networks
11 7,236,636 Image compression method, image restoration method, program and apparatus
12 7,236,450 Recording medium having resin substrate
13 7,236,381 Current balancing circuit
14 7,236,360 Tower PC configuration
15 7,236,329 Head slider having extension rails to provide uniform flotation and magnetic disk device including the same
16 7,236,294 Optical amplifier
17 7,236,107 System and method for identifying optimal encoding for a given trace
18 7,236,067 Surface acoustic wave filter
19 7,236,047 Band gap circuit
20 7,235,866 Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
21 7,235,849 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
22 7,235,805 Paper sheets theft prevention ink detector and paper sheets theft prevention ink detection method
23 7,235,476 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
24 7,235,470 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,235,455 Method of aligning an electron beam apparatus and semiconductor substrate utilizing an alignment mark
26 7,234,635 Transaction degradation processing method for automated transaction apparatus, system for same, and administration server for same