Fujitsu patents granted on 26 November 2013

52 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,595,828 Computer resource verifying method and computer resource verifying program
2 8,595,701 Symbolic execution and test generation for GPU programs
3 8,595,659 Verification and reachability using an organic approach
4 8,595,580 Radio device and radio communication control method
5 8,595,571 Error detection device, communication error detection system, communication error detection method
6 8,595,560 Information processing apparatus and method
7 8,595,552 Reset method and monitoring apparatus
8 8,595,482 Packet filtering method for securing security in communications and packet communications system
9 8,595,474 Information processing apparatus and branch prediction method
10 8,595,333 Communication apparatus, communication system, communication program, and control method
11 8,595,311 Network system, information processing apparatus, and computer product
12 8,595,286 Management apparatus for managing communication between plural information processing apparatuses, information processing system including the management apparatus, method for controlling the management apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recoding medium storing program for controlling the management apparatus
13 8,595,229 Search query generator apparatus
14 8,595,196 Computer product, information retrieving apparatus, and information retrieval method
15 8,595,179 Determining optimum variable orders for BDDs using pair-wise variable grouping
16 8,595,140 Firmware distributing device, program, and method
17 8,595,139 Content distribution program, content distribution method, server, content utilization apparatus, and content utilization system
18 8,594,731 Radio equipment controller, radio equipment, and communication method
19 8,594,716 Power control apparatus for wireless telecommunication system
20 8,594,692 Base station device and method for allocating communication band based on band priority, weight factors, interference and/or other parameters
21 8,594,667 Radio terminal and base station notification method
22 8,594,596 Amplifier
23 8,594,508 Optical transmission system
24 8,594,462 Information processing apparatus
25 8,594,405 Three-dimensional template transformation method and apparatus
26 8,594,377 Image recognition apparatus
27 8,594,360 Mounting structure for speaker and flat panel display
28 8,594,236 Radio communication system, base station, mobile station, and radio communication method
29 8,594,163 Mobile terminal, method of controlling mobile terminal and control apparatus
30 8,594,159 Transceiver amplifier and delay deviation compensation method
31 8,594,127 Communication device and communication method
32 8,594,101 Packet relay apparatus and packet relay method
33 8,594,092 Packet relay method and device
34 8,594,009 Communication systems
35 8,593,997 Full duplex/half duplex mismatch detecting method and full duplex/half duplex mismatch detecting apparatus applicable with the method
36 8,593,974 Communication conditions determination method, communication conditions determination system, and determination apparatus
37 8,593,947 Congestion detection method, congestion detection apparatus, and recording medium storing congestion detection program recorded thereon
38 8,593,942 Load balancing communication device and load balance management device
39 8,593,571 Information processing apparatus and non-transitory recording medium
40 8,593,336 Control apparatus, radar detection system, and radar detection method
41 8,593,313 Parallel-to-serial conversion circuit, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and parallel-to-serial conversion method
42 8,593,285 Safety-determination information generating apparatus and safety confirmation system
43 8,593,205 Output buffer circuit and input/output buffer circuit
44 8,593,185 Clock divider circuit and system LSI having same
45 8,593,168 Semiconductor device
46 8,593,132 Parameter calculating apparatus and simulation apparatus
47 8,593,000 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
48 8,592,951 Semiconductor wafer having W-shaped dummy metal filling section within monitor region
49 8,592,884 Semiconductor device including capacitor
50 8,592,823 Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
51 8,592,278 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
52 8,591,356 Baseball strike zone detection radar