Fujitsu patents granted on 26 October 2010

38 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,823,187 Communication processing method and system relating to authentication information
2 7,823,176 Digital broadcast receiver
3 7,823,101 Device, method, and storage for verification scenario generation, and verification device
4 7,823,079 Computer readable recording medium recorded with graphics editing program, and graphics editing apparatus
5 7,823,027 Data processing management apparatus, mode management apparatus and mode management method
6 7,823,016 Message analyzing apparatus, message analyzing method, and computer product
7 7,822,957 Method for carrying out an information processing in accordance with firmware in a plurality of chips
8 7,822,923 Storage control program, storage control apparatus, and storage control method
9 7,822,888 Data buffer control which controls selection of path and operation of data buffer, based on stored configuration information
10 7,822,688 Wireless wallet
11 7,822,673 Automatic transaction apparatus
12 7,822,403 Receiver, transceiver circuit, signal transmission method, and signal transmission system
13 7,822,396 Radio receiver and method for detecting carrier waves
14 7,822,237 Image matching apparatus, image matching method, and image matching program
15 7,822,204 Encryption method, cryptogram decoding method, encryptor, cryptogram decoder, transmission/reception system, and communication system
16 7,822,052 Communication processing apparatus and totalizing system
17 7,822,034 Path controls apparatus and table updating method
18 7,822,004 Data transmission line establishing system between mobile telephone terminals
19 7,821,989 Call management method, call management system and message processing server system
20 7,821,971 Protection providing method and customer edge apparatus
21 7,821,959 Bandwidth measuring method and device
22 7,821,952 Loop locating apparatus and loop locating method in layer 3 network
23 7,821,863 Voltage supply circuit and semiconductor memory
24 7,821,854 Semiconductor memory
25 7,821,610 Liquid crystal display device and alignment process method
26 7,821,562 Portable terminal equipped with camera and adapted for self-imaging
27 7,821,447 Bias adjustment of radio frequency unit in radar apparatus
28 7,821,398 RFID tag and method of manufacturing RFID tag
29 7,821,397 Information access system, reader/writer device, and active-type contactless information storage device
30 7,821,236 Control circuit for detecting a reverse current in a DC-DC converter
31 7,821,077 Semiconductor device
32 7,820,509 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,820,487 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
34 7,820,456 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,820,367 Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device and process for producing the same
36 7,820,364 Semiconductor device manufacturing method, mask manufacturing method, and exposure method
37 7,819,705 Contact member and connector including the contact member
38 7,819,165 Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate