Fujitsu patents granted on 27 August 2013

54 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,522,191 Aiding device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium in which design aiding program is stored
2 8,522,081 Microcomputer outputting failure detection result
3 8,522,078 Trouble coping method for information technology system
4 8,522,075 Storage system having storage devices for storing data and control devices for controlling the storage devices
5 8,522,018 Method and system for implementing a mobile trusted platform module
6 8,521,983 Program, apparatus and method for managing data allocation of distributed storage system including storage nodes
7 8,521,977 Information processing apparatus and access control method
8 8,521,953 Storage device and a method for expanding the same
9 8,521,903 Method of setting bidirectional path, and communication system and node device for providing the same
10 8,521,894 Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multi-cast-supporting LAN
11 8,521,872 Computer product, verification support apparatus, and verification support method
12 8,521,869 Method and system for reporting defects within a network
13 8,521,756 Data converting apparatus, method, and computer product
14 8,521,498 Simulation device and simulation method
15 8,521,224 Communication system, internal line managing apparatus, internal phone management method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
16 8,521,211 Communication system, communication station, communication terminal, and method of communication
17 8,521,176 Transmission apparatus and frequency fluctuation compensation method
18 8,521,165 Method of distributing load and base stations
19 8,521,132 Abnormality detecting apparatus for communication terminal and abnormality detecting method for communication terminal
20 8,521,098 Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, receiving method, transmitting method, communications system, and communication method
21 8,521,039 Optical communication apparatus and optical add/drop apparatus
22 8,521,030 Transceiver apparatus, communication control method, and concentrator
23 8,520,914 Authentication apparatus and authentication method
24 8,520,783 Receiving device
25 8,520,772 Communication device and power correction method
26 8,520,770 Amplitude suppressing apparatus and signal transmitting apparatus
27 8,520,761 Method and apparatus for generating pre-coding matrix codebook
28 8,520,749 Interference noise estimation method, reception processing method, interference noise estimation apparatus, and receiver, in multicarrier communications system
29 8,520,710 Optical transmission module and controlling method for optical transmission module
30 8,520,690 Communication apparatus
31 8,520,685 Signal relay apparatus, node apparatus, network system, virtual-link generating method, path calculating method, and computer product
32 8,520,591 Mobile radio terminal and radio communication method
33 8,520,531 Isolation list creation program, method, and device
34 8,520,514 System and method for configuration admission control of service instances
35 8,520,404 Fixing member for fixing blindfold plate and method of fixing blindfold plate
36 8,520,279 Micro movable device and interferometer
37 8,520,264 Information embedding method, information obtaining method and apparatus
38 8,519,907 Interface adjustment support system
39 8,519,874 Successive approximation A/D converter
40 8,519,864 Status indicator
41 8,519,859 Rack system cover
42 8,519,841 Systems and methods for dynamically changing alerts of portable devices using brainwave signals
43 8,519,808 Electromagnetic relay
44 8,519,586 Molded motor
45 8,519,569 Wireless power supply system and wireless power supply method
46 8,519,551 Semiconductor device with I/O cell and external connection terminal and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,519,486 Semiconductor device having a plurality of phosphorus-doped silicon carbide layers
48 8,519,441 High speed high power nitride semiconductor device
49 8,519,284 Electronic device
50 8,518,795 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
51 8,518,789 Integrated electronic device and method of making the same
52 8,518,785 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
53 8,517,774 Connector with ground electrode terminals having different lengths
54 8,517,277 Radio frequency identification tag and method of manufacturing the same