Fujitsu patents granted on 27 March 2012

39 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,146,074 Computer-readable recording medium containing application management program, and method and apparatus for application management
2 8,146,033 Monitor position determining apparatus and monitor position determining method
3 8,145,956 Information processing apparatus, failure processing method, and recording medium in which failure processing program is recorded
4 8,145,952 Storage system and a control method for a storage system
5 8,145,834 Storage apparatus, disk controller, and command issue control method
6 8,145,781 Data distribution system
7 8,145,755 Terminal, terminal management apparatus and method thereof for enabling management of terminals including based on association to each other
8 8,145,670 Electronic file system, operating device, approval device, and computer program
9 8,145,660 Implementing an expanded search and providing expanded search results
10 8,145,449 Computer product, apparatus, and method for system management
11 8,145,284 Portable terminal including first casing and second casing retractably accommodated in first casing
12 8,145,260 Terminal device and method related thereto
13 8,145,152 Gain temperature compensation circuit
14 8,145,072 DQPSK optical receiver
15 8,145,071 Electrical-dispersion compensating apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical receiving method
16 8,145,069 Optical transmitter
17 8,145,067 Optical transmitter
18 8,144,776 Direct mode video coding using variable selection criterion
19 8,144,761 Pulse transmission method, pulse transmission system, transmitter, and receiver
20 8,144,753 Detection device of a spreading code and a timing, and a method thereof
21 8,144,641 System and method for implementing an in-band relay scheme
22 8,144,626 Determining disjoint paths with an optimized number of regenerators
23 8,144,548 Electronic device, time correction method and time correction program thereof
24 8,144,536 Semiconductor memory and system
25 8,144,248 Scan conversion apparatus
26 8,144,185 Communication control method, computer system, conference management server, communication method and portable terminal
27 8,144,128 Touch panel and coordinates detecting method using touch panel
28 8,144,091 Liquid crystal display element, driving method of the same, and electronic paper having the same
29 8,144,074 Display element, electronic paper including the same, electronic terminal apparatus including the same, display system including the same, and method of processing image in display element
30 8,144,061 Antenna and communication device having same
31 8,143,916 Level shift circuit, method for driving the same, and semiconductor circuit device having the same
32 8,143,901 Test apparatus, test method, and integrated circuit
33 8,143,723 Highly integrated and reliable DRAM and its manufacture
34 8,143,675 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
35 8,143,649 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
36 8,143,153 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
37 8,143,075 Semiconductor manufacture method
38 8,142,670 Micro-oscillating element and method of making the same
39 8,141,607 Optical component lens assembling apparatus