Fujitsu patents granted on 27 May 2014

54 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,739,139 Algorithm selection device and algorithm selection method
2 8,739,075 Method of making pattern data, and medium for storing the program for making the pattern data
3 8,738,980 Transmission controlling method, sender apparatus and receiver apparatus for wireless communication system
4 8,738,976 Memory error detecting apparatus and method
5 8,738,936 Storage apparatus
6 8,738,933 Archive system, management apparatus, and control method
7 8,738,896 Virtual machine execution program and information processing device
8 8,738,869 Storage system including a plurality of modules having different control information
9 8,738,829 Information system for replacing failed I/O board with standby I/O board
10 8,738,803 Communication method, communication device, and computer product for converting broadcast into unicast
11 8,738,735 System for designing and performing web application
12 8,738,378 Speech recognizer, speech recognition method, and speech recognition program
13 8,738,373 Frame signal correcting method and apparatus without distortion
14 8,738,223 Electronic control device
15 8,738,016 Scheduling method, wireless base station, and wireless terminal
16 8,738,006 Mobile terminal and communication control method
17 8,737,937 Distortion compensation apparatus, transmitter, and distortion compensation method
18 8,737,848 Optical receiver
19 8,737,840 Optical transmission system, transmitter, receiver and method
20 8,737,839 Network design apparatus, method, and computer product
21 8,737,836 Apparatus and method for setting an optical path in an optical network
22 8,737,814 Moving image editing apparatus and moving image editing method
23 8,737,795 Optical fiber holder, optical device using the same, and method for stowing surplus length of optical fiber
24 8,737,743 Method of and device for identifying direction of characters in image block
25 8,737,527 Composite amplifier, transmitter, and composite amplifier control method
26 8,737,510 Wireless communication system, device and method
27 8,737,404 Non-transitory computer readable storage medium, information communication device and method
28 8,737,396 Communication method and communication system
29 8,737,352 Communication system, mobile terminal and communication method
30 8,737,341 Control channel transmitting method, base station and terminal
31 8,737,320 Method for random access in wireless communication system, wireless communication system, wireless terminal, and base station unit
32 8,737,315 Communication apparatus and allocation determining method
33 8,737,227 Packet transmission device, memory control circuit, and packet transmission method
34 8,737,206 Wireless network device, wireless network system and method of controlling selection of routings
35 8,737,201 Data relay apparatus, and ring-type communication system
36 8,737,142 Internal voltage generation circuit of semiconductor memory device, and semiconductor memory device
37 8,736,956 Optical amplification control apparatus
38 8,736,785 Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
39 8,736,696 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus and image processing method
40 8,736,665 Video processing apparatus
41 8,736,421 Biometric information processing apparatus and biometric information processing method
42 8,736,341 Semiconductor apparatus having multiple chips mounted thereon
43 8,736,334 Current mode logic latch
44 8,736,327 Time-to-digital converter
45 8,736,321 Transmission/reception device and information processing device
46 8,736,295 Semiconductor testing circuit, semiconductor testing jig, semiconductor testing apparatus, and semiconductor testing method
47 8,735,954 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
48 8,735,945 Semiconductor device
49 8,735,942 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
50 8,735,275 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
51 8,735,274 Manufacture method for semiconductor device with bristled conductive nanotubes
52 8,735,254 Manufacture method of a high voltage MOS semiconductor device
53 8,734,193 Connector
54 8,734,166 Printed wiring board and connector, and method for manufacturing printed wiring board