Fujitsu patents granted on 27 November 2007

45 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,302,666 Logic circuit design method, computer-readable recording medium having logic circuit design program stored therein, and logic circuit design device
2 7,302,665 Method and apparatus for designing a layout, and computer product
3 7,302,614 Bus analyzer capable of managing device information
4 7,302,598 Apparatus to reduce the internal frequency of an integrated circuit by detecting a drop in the voltage and frequency
5 7,302,581 Storing apparatus and password control method
6 7,302,559 Memory dump program boot method and mechanism, and computer-readable storage medium
7 7,302,494 Traffic engineering method and node apparatus using traffic engineering method
8 7,302,189 Optical component provided with demultiplexing function and wavelength dispersion compensator
9 7,302,177 Optical transmission system including a plurality of optical transmission devices
10 7,302,169 Method and apparatus for playing-back moving image data
11 7,302,133 Optical switch
12 7,302,121 Optical device and drive voltage supply device
13 7,302,085 Vehicle identification method and device
14 7,301,973 Method and unit for setting a wavelength to a tunable laser
15 7,301,896 Redundant changeover apparatus
16 7,301,855 Apparatus and method for storing ROM and RAM data into magneto-optical recording medium
17 7,301,833 Shift redundancy circuit, method for controlling shift redundancy circuit, and semiconductor memory device
18 7,301,731 Head assembly having microactuator
19 7,301,676 Printing method and apparatus, and binary-form dither matrix pattern
20 7,301,647 Method for regulating shape of floatation surface of slider floating above record carrier
21 7,301,574 Charge coupled device for outputting image data
22 7,301,529 Context dependent gesture response
23 7,301,528 Distinguishing tilt and translation motion components in handheld devices
24 7,301,527 Feedback based user interface for motion controlled handheld devices
25 7,301,526 Dynamic adaptation of gestures for motion controlled handheld devices
26 7,301,496 Radar apparatus
27 7,301,487 Image sensor capable of cancelling offset voltage of semiconductor device included therein
28 7,301,439 Radio IC tag reader writer, radio IC tag system, and radio IC tag data writing method
29 7,301,437 Key-less entry system
30 7,301,413 Voltage controlled oscillator and PLL circuit
31 7,301,412 Variable capacity circuit and control method of variable capacity circuit
32 7,301,383 Circuit for controlling phase with improved linearity of phase change
33 7,301,336 Magnetic field generator device for calibration of magnetic force microscope
34 7,301,243 High-reliable semiconductor device using hermetic sealing of electrodes
35 7,301,241 Semiconductor device for preventing defective filling of interconnection and cracking of insulating film
36 7,301,230 Circuit board with a thin-film layer configured to accommodate a passive element
37 7,301,224 Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method of the same
38 7,301,169 Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device fabrication method
39 7,301,097 Printed-circuit board and electronic device
40 7,300,909 Superconducting circuit
41 7,300,816 Method of sensor packaging
42 7,300,710 Film containing a photo-catalyst apatite, its formation method, coating liquid, and electronic device having portion coated with photo-catalyst apatite-containing film
43 7,300,532 Method for manufacturing bonded substrate
44 7,299,965 Method and apparatus for mounting and removing an electronic component
45 7,299,695 Acceleration sensor