Fujitsu patents granted on 27 October 2009

37 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,610,616 Pervasive security mechanism by combinations of network and physical interfaces
2 7,610,612 Data transmission method, a data transmission program and a data transmission server
3 7,610,492 Biometric authentication device, biometric information authentication method, and program
4 7,610,446 RAID apparatus, RAID control method, and RAID control program
5 7,610,414 Data transfer method and system, input/output request device, and computer-readable recording medium having data transfer program recorded thereon
6 7,610,403 Device retrieving a name of a communications node in a communications network
7 7,610,171 Component exchange procedure identifying method and program
8 7,610,133 Controller for electric power steering apparatus
9 7,610,129 Remote vehicle starter and method for remotely starting vehicle
10 7,609,982 RZ-DPSK optical receiver circuit
11 7,609,975 Optical transmission apparatus
12 7,609,969 Method and system for compensating for optical dispersion in an optical signal
13 7,609,966 Method and system for time-sharing transmission frequencies in an optical network
14 7,609,964 Power level management in optical networks
15 7,609,922 Optical module, optical transmission system, and fabrication method for optical module
16 7,609,866 Image connection method, and program and apparatus therefor
17 7,609,775 Radio communication apparatus and communication method
18 7,609,729 System and method of multiplexing TDM and packet data
19 7,609,694 Multicast communications system with mechanism for updating multicast trees
20 7,609,692 Method and apparatus for controlling route in network
21 7,609,688 Serialized bus communication and control architecture
22 7,609,665 Wireless repeater, the method for wireless repeating, and data communications system
23 7,609,656 Bridge device, method of controlling bridge device, and control program
24 7,609,596 Storage apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
25 7,609,510 Electronic apparatus
26 7,609,484 Magnetic disk device
27 7,609,474 Seek control method, seek control device and disk device
28 7,609,470 Information storage device, write current adjustment method for the information storage device, and write control circuit
29 7,609,227 Liquid crystal display apparatus
30 7,609,153 Control apparatus, security-supported device, power source control method for security-supported device and program
31 7,609,042 Controller for DC-DC converter and method for controlling DC-DC converter
32 7,609,039 Controller and control method for DC-DC converter
33 7,609,035 Power generation control device for controlling power generation system of movable body and power generation control method
34 7,608,954 Electric motor
35 7,608,925 Relay board with bonding pads connected by wirings
36 7,608,386 Resist cover film-forming material, process for forming resist pattern, semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
37 7,607,939 Connector socket module and electronic device using the same