Fujitsu patents granted on 27 October 2015

32 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,173,295 Support apparatus
2 9,173,243 Wireless communication system, relay station, base station, and wireless communication method
3 9,173,214 Method, user equipment, base station and system for determining component carrier scheduled in cross-carrier scheduling
4 9,173,172 Communication control apparatus and communication control method
5 9,172,654 Transfer device and transfer method
6 9,172,625 Systems and methods of communicating path status in optical networks
7 9,172,487 Method for allocating resource of wireless communication and corresponding user device and base station
8 9,172,460 Transmission equipment and path selection method
9 9,172,360 Emphasis signal generating circuit and method for generating emphasis signal
10 9,172,355 Transmission circuit and signal transmission and reception circuit
11 9,172,333 Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation method
12 9,172,146 Antenna apparatus
13 9,171,363 Computer-readable recording medium and road surface survey device
14 9,171,312 Context information collection management system
15 9,171,108 Solar panel deployment configuration and management
16 9,170,965 Interrupt assigning method, interrupt control method, and system therefor
17 9,170,914 Interface monitoring device for an interface port and use of an interface monitoring device
18 9,170,896 Information processing apparatus and control method for information processing apparatus
19 9,170,862 Converting apparatus, conversion method, and information processing system
20 9,170,853 Server device, computer-readable storage medium, and method of assuring data order
21 9,170,842 Information processing terminal and resource release method
22 9,170,830 Method for controlling program execution
23 9,170,802 Method and information processing apparatus for extracting software correction patch for virtual machine
24 9,170,747 Storage device, control device, and control method
25 9,170,741 Information processing system and control method for information processing system
26 9,170,739 Relay apparatus and relay method
27 9,170,629 Medium, control method and information processing apparatus
28 9,170,622 System for supply of power source current, connector and method of supplying power source current
29 9,170,284 A.C. power measuring apparatus and A.C. power measuring method
30 9,170,185 Computer-readable recording medium, simulation method, and simulation device
31 9,168,020 Frequency domain analysis transform of renal blood flow doppler signal to determine stress levels
32 9,167,876 Waterproofing case and method of manufacturing waterproofing case