Fujitsu patents granted on 28 August 2007

22 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,263,572 Bus bridge and data transfer method
2 7,263,392 Superconductor transmission line having slits of less than .lamda. /4
3 7,263,296 Optical transmission system using in-line amplifiers
4 7,263,254 Optical switch and control method therefor
5 7,263,244 Optical modulator
6 7,263,235 Image processing method and apparatus, and computer product
7 7,263,215 Circuit and method for correction of defect pixel
8 7,263,062 Transmission apparatus with a function to switch a line in the event of a transmission failure
9 7,263,061 Packet routing apparatus for routing packets via a pre-established connection in a store and forward network
10 7,262,959 Drawer-type storage-unit housing apparatus
11 7,262,913 Chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope compensating apparatus
12 7,262,774 Character image generating apparatus, character image generating method, display control apparatus, display control method and computer-readable recording medium recorded character image generation program or display control program thereon
13 7,262,587 Circuit and method for controlling DC-DC converter
14 7,262,541 Micro-oscillation element incorporating springs
15 7,262,483 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
16 7,262,472 Semiconductor device having stress and its manufacture method
17 7,262,465 P-channel MOS transistor and fabrication process thereof
18 7,262,142 Semiconductor device fabrication method
19 7,261,918 Methods of forming lanthanum-modified lead zirconium titanate (PLZT) layers
20 7,261,475 Data link module
21 7,260,989 Sensor signal processing system and detector
22 RE39,802 Storage medium for preventing an irregular use by a third party