Fujitsu patents granted on 28 December 2010

53 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,861,283 User position utilization system
2 7,861,276 Video program broadcasting apparatus, method, and program which steganographically embeds use information
3 7,861,240 Task distribution program and task distribution device for a processor device having multiprocessors
4 7,861,235 Program control device and program control method
5 7,861,210 Exposure data generator and method thereof
6 7,861,194 Method and apparatus for calculating wiring capacitance, and computer product
7 7,861,189 Information processing terminal displaying guidance for a key operation on a standby-screen
8 7,861,043 Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor integrated circuit system using the same, and control method of semiconductor memory device
9 7,861,023 Multiuser KVM switch
10 7,860,963 Service communication control method, service relaying apparatus, management server, portal server, and service communication control system
11 7,860,945 Information and programming browse sharing method
12 7,860,698 Network design processing device and method, and program therefor
13 7,860,643 In-vehicle detachably electronic apparatus and in-vehicle electronic system
14 7,860,637 Eco-run control device and method for resetting the same
15 7,860,636 Eco-run control device and engine restart method
16 7,860,408 Interferometer for demodulating differential M-phase shift keying signal
17 7,860,402 Modulating a signal according to 2.sup.n-PSK modulation
18 7,860,397 Wavelength superimposing device, manufacturing method therefor, and WDM network system
19 7,860,394 Optical receiver and optical reception method compatible with differential quadrature phase shift keying
20 7,860,186 Transmitting apparatus with bit arrangement method
21 7,860,185 Distortion compensating apparatus and power amplifier apparatus
22 7,860,065 Packet communicating apparatus
23 7,860,057 Radio transmission apparatus and method of inserting guard interval
24 7,860,031 Apparatus and method for processing control packet in spanning tree protocol
25 7,859,975 Hologram recorder and hologram recording method
26 7,859,886 Resistance memory element and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor memory device
27 7,859,841 Information equipment
28 7,859,833 Function expansion device and electronic device system
29 7,859,800 Magneto-resistive effect element magnetic disk device having magneto-resistive effect film and method of forming a CPP-type magneto-resistive effect element having a soft magnetic layer composed of columnar crystal
30 7,859,746 Semiconductor optical amplifier
31 7,859,745 Semiconductor optical amplifying device, semiconductor optical amplifying system and semiconductor optical integrated element
32 7,859,591 Electronic apparatus and camera module unit
33 7,859,531 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional graphics, and computer product
34 7,859,522 Touch panel device and control method and device for eliminating noises in touch panel device
35 7,859,503 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
36 7,859,450 Detection and ranging appartus and detection and ranging method
37 7,859,414 Tag antenna and tag
38 7,859,371 Electromagnetic relay
39 7,859,322 Internal power-supply circuit
40 7,859,305 Input/output circuit
41 7,859,300 Input and output circuit apparatus
42 7,859,284 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device module
43 7,859,135 Internal power supply circuit having a cascode current mirror circuit
44 7,859,129 Vehicle antitheft device and control method of a vehicle
45 7,859,088 Semiconductor device manufacturing method, wafer, and wafer manufacturing method
46 7,859,045 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
47 7,859,020 Nitride semiconductor device, Doherty amplifier and drain voltage controlled amplifier
48 7,858,959 Electronic element including ferroelectric substance film and method of manufacturing the same
49 7,858,463 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
50 7,858,215 Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
51 7,857,534 Printer apparatus
52 7,857,505 Method and circuit for correcting sensor temperature dependency characteristic
53 7,857,140 Semiconductor wafer storage case and semiconductor wafer storing method