Fujitsu patents granted on 28 June 2011

50 US patents granted on 28 June 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,971,235 User authorization for services in a wireless communications network
2 7,971,201 Multiple operating device version software generating system and multiple operating device version software generation support program and method
3 7,971,165 Method and apparatus for logic equivalence verification, and computer product
4 7,971,160 Creating method of photomask pattern data, photomask created by using the photomask pattern data, and manufacturing method of semiconductor apparatus using the photomask
5 7,971,112 Memory diagnosis method
6 7,971,089 Switching connection of a boot disk to a substitute server and moving the failed server to a server domain pool
7 7,971,051 FPGA configuration protection and control using hardware watchdog timer
8 7,971,029 Barrier synchronization method, device, and multi-core processor
9 7,971,011 Remote copy method and storage system
10 7,970,997 Program section layout method and layout program
11 7,970,959 DMA transfer system using virtual channels
12 7,970,651 System for presenting information for commercial articles put in a basket using electronic tag
13 7,970,609 Method of estimating sound arrival direction, sound arrival direction estimating apparatus, and computer program product
14 7,970,584 Performance abnormality analysis apparatus, method, and program, and analysis result display method for performance abnormality analysis apparatus
15 7,970,569 Apparatus and method for connection test on printed circuit board
16 7,970,527 Engine start control apparatus and engine start control method
17 7,970,459 Sleepiness level detection method and apparatus
18 7,970,447 High frequency filter having a solid circular shape resonance pattern with multiple input/output ports and an inter-port waveguide connecting corresponding output and input ports
19 7,970,432 Portable terminal devices
20 7,970,347 Communication systems
21 7,970,291 Optical-receiving apparatus and bias-voltage-control method used for the optical-receiving apparatus
22 7,970,290 Digital phase estimator, digital phase locked loop and optical coherent receiver
23 7,970,286 Optical transmission device
24 7,970,281 System and method for managing different transmission architectures in a passive optical network
25 7,970,278 Flexible open ring optical network and method
26 7,970,238 Method and apparatus for acquiring image of internal structure, and computer product
27 7,970,160 Speaker apparatus
28 7,970,131 Elliptic curve cryptosystem apparatus, storage medium storing elliptic curve cryptosystem program, and elliptic curve cryptosystem arithmetic method
29 7,969,897 Relay device, computer readable medium storing test program and a method for testing relay device
30 7,969,871 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, recording medium storing communication control program
31 7,969,870 Line accommodating device
32 7,969,739 Heat diffusing structure of a portable electronic apparatus
33 7,969,649 Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
34 7,969,648 Gain and signal level adjustments of cascaded optical amplifiers
35 7,969,505 Electronic device including a camera unit with an image capturing function and an operations-unit illuminating function
36 7,969,427 Control device for display panel and display apparatus having same
37 7,969,381 Patch antenna
38 7,969,343 Successive approximation analog-digital converter circuit using capacitance array
39 7,969,336 Sample-hold circuit having spreading switch and analog-digital converter using same
40 7,969,256 Signal transmission circuit and signal transmission system with reduced reflection
41 7,969,205 Peak power reduction method
42 7,969,185 Logical circuit device, logical operation varying method, and logical operation system
43 7,969,008 Semiconductor device with improved pads
44 7,968,920 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
45 7,968,868 Optical semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
46 7,968,466 Fabrication process of a semiconductor device to form ultrafine patterns smaller than resolution limit of exposure apparatus
47 7,968,414 Semiconductor device and production method thereof
48 7,968,259 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and computer readable medium
49 7,967,632 Card connector
50 7,966,888 Screw fastener