Fujitsu patents granted on 28 June 2016

32 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,380,719 Information apparatus and link mechanism of information apparatus
2 9,380,579 Radio signal transmission method, radio signal transmitting device, radio signal receiving device, radio base station device and radio terminal device
3 9,380,509 Base station and base station control method
4 9,380,316 Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
5 9,380,259 Information processing device and information processing method
6 9,380,137 Electronic device
7 9,380,006 Packet processing method, and packet transmission apparatus
8 9,379,938 Method and system for SOAM flow switching
9 9,379,839 Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
10 9,379,822 Optical receiving apparatus
11 9,379,792 Method for feeding back channel state information, method for transmitting channel state information reference signal, UE and base station
12 9,379,452 Antenna apparatus having four inverted F antenna elements and ground plane
13 9,379,432 Antenna device, electronic apparatus, and wireless communication method
14 9,379,424 Compensation for length differences in vias associated with differential signaling
15 9,379,230 Semiconductor crystal substrate, manufacturing method of semiconductor crystal substrate, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, power unit, and amplifier
16 9,379,229 Semiconductor apparatus including protective film on gate electrode and method for manufacturing the semiconductor apparatus
17 9,379,205 Semiconductor device
18 9,379,077 Metal contact for semiconductor device
19 9,378,703 KVM switch and computer readable medium
20 9,378,429 Image processing device and image processing method
21 9,378,316 Computer product for supporting design and verification of integrated circuit
22 9,378,126 Decompression apparatus and decompression method
23 9,378,092 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
24 9,378,078 Controlling method, information processing apparatus, storage medium, and method of detecting failure
25 9,378,056 Management server, and virtual machine move control method
26 9,378,050 Assigning an operation to a computing device based on a number of operations simultaneously executing on that device
27 9,378,032 Information processing method, information processing apparatus, recording medium, and system
28 9,378,014 Method and apparatus for porting source code
29 9,377,965 Storage control device for controlling physical storage device in storage system including virtual storage device, storage system including physical storage device and virtual storage device, and computer-readable recording medium storing control program for physical storage device in storage system including virtual storage device
30 9,377,853 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
31 9,377,812 Portable apparatus and determination method
32 9,377,665 Optical modulator having a 2.times.2 coupler