Fujitsu patents granted on 28 October 2008

33 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D579,448 Combined digital disc player and automotive navigation system
2 D579,447 Combined digital disc player and automotive navigation system
3 7,444,612 Apparatus, method and program for supporting designing of integrated circuit using a common format
4 7,444,607 Method for correcting timing error when designing semiconductor integrated circuit
5 7,444,606 Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit and program for designing same
6 7,444,470 Storage device, control method of storage device, and removable storage medium
7 7,444,437 Input/output device and method of setting up identification information in input/output device
8 7,444,322 Electronic mail device
9 7,444,237 Planning a journey that includes waypoints
10 7,444,140 Mobile communication network apparatus, base station, and mobile station
11 7,444,085 DQPSK optical receiver circuit
12 7,444,038 Image correction apparatus and image correcting method
13 7,444,024 Image compression method
14 7,443,923 Distortion compensating apparatus and method
15 7,443,843 Terminal relay device and relay method
16 7,443,803 Estimating and managing network traffic
17 7,443,754 Semiconductor memory device
18 7,443,685 Conductive heat transfer for electrical devices from the solder side and component side of a circuit card assembly
19 7,443,628 Storage apparatus, spindle motor control method, and program
20 7,443,516 Optical-distortion correcting apparatus and optical-distortion correcting method
21 7,443,504 Arbitrary and endless polarization controller and polarization-mode dispersion compensator using the same and arbitrary and endless polarization controlling method
22 7,443,503 Polarization measuring apparatus
23 7,443,384 Coordinates input device
24 7,443,279 Coil package and bias tee package
25 7,443,243 High frequency amplifier having an attenuator
26 7,443,224 Multi-threshold MIS integrated circuit device and circuit design method thereof
27 7,443,220 Phase shift circuit and phase correcting method
28 7,443,147 DC-DC converter with step-up and step-down control capable of varying the offset voltage of the PWM triangle
29 7,442,995 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,442,061 Connection device and electronic equipment having the same
31 7,441,965 Connector
32 7,441,330 Process for producing circuit board
33 7,441,326 Manufacturing method of a magnetic sensor