Fujitsu patents granted on 29 April 2008

40 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,367,040 View restriction method, view restriction setting method, receiver, and device and programs for setting view restriction
2 7,367,005 Method and apparatus for designing a layout, and computer product
3 7,367,000 Method for simulating power voltage distribution of semiconductor integrated circuit and simulation program
4 7,366,989 Element management system with data-driven interfacing driven by instantiation of meta-model
5 7,366,971 Semiconductor memory having sub-party cell array error correction
6 7,366,954 Data transfer device and abnormal transfer state detecting method
7 7,366,951 Method and apparatus for test program generation based on an instruction set description of a processor
8 7,366,835 Data access responding system, storage system, client apparatus, cache apparatus, and method for accessing data access responding system
9 7,366,820 Second-cache driving/controlling circuit, second cache, RAM, and second-cache driving/controlling method
10 7,366,689 Method of notifying information about commodity
11 7,366,648 Electronic circuit analyzing apparatus, electronic circuit analyzing method, and electronic circuit analyzing program
12 7,366,607 Navigation apparatus
13 7,366,538 Mobile communication system and communication method for mobile communication system
14 7,366,502 Sending method of pay contents, radio terminal and carrier
15 7,366,426 Optical add/drop multiplexer using tunable filter and method for feedback controlling the tunable filter
16 7,366,422 Dispersion compensating device and optical transmission system
17 7,366,228 Synchronization detecting apparatus
18 7,366,220 Tunable laser
19 7,366,181 Virtual private network (VPN) with channelized ethernet over sonet (EoS) interface and method
20 7,366,165 Input line interface device and packet communication device
21 7,365,977 Electronic apparatus
22 7,365,976 Electronic apparatus
23 7,365,931 Information-recording/reproducing apparatus and method of detecting the gap between a head and a recording medium
24 7,365,927 Eccentricity correction data recording method and recording medium having eccentricity correction data
25 7,365,779 Image processing apparatus for selectively storing specific regions of an image
26 7,365,737 Non-uniform gesture precision
27 7,365,736 Customizable gesture mappings for motion controlled handheld devices
28 7,365,735 Translation controlled cursor
29 7,365,690 Antenna device
30 7,365,434 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
31 7,365,397 Semiconductor device
32 7,365,327 Electromagnetic radiation sensor and method for fabricating the same
33 7,365,281 Waterproof/drainage structure for a casing, and electronic devices
34 7,364,964 Method of fabricating an interconnection layer above a ferroelectric capacitor
35 7,364,931 Capacitance detection type sensor and manufacturing method thereof
36 7,364,829 Resist pattern thickening material, process for forming resist pattern, and process for manufacturing semiconductor device
37 7,364,473 Connector for electronic device
38 7,364,110 Cable apparatus
39 7,364,088 Radio frequency identification tag
40 7,363,704 RFID tag and method of manufacturing RFID tag