Fujitsu patents granted on 29 April 2014

59 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,713,505 Pattern generation method and pattern generation program
2 8,713,503 Assisting apparatus, method, and program for checking crosstalk noise between hierarchized modules in a semiconductor circuit
3 8,713,500 Computer program and apparatus for evaluating signal propagation delays
4 8,713,489 Simulation parameter correction technique
5 8,713,346 Resuming piecewise calibration of a real-time-clock unit after a measured offset that begins at the next calibration period
6 8,713,328 Code conversion apparatus, code conversion method, and computer product
7 8,713,296 Apparatus for restoring setting information of a board management controller from a backup memory before loading an OS when a system board is replaced
8 8,713,291 Cache memory control device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and cache memory control method
9 8,713,250 Storage device, data processing device, registration method, and recording medium
10 8,713,236 Maintenance guidance display device, maintenance guidance display method, and maintenance guidance display program
11 8,713,219 Switching device, switch control method, and storage system
12 8,713,216 Processor and data transfer method
13 8,713,159 Monitoring apparatus for monitoring communication configurations of client devices
14 8,713,070 Business flow processing method and apparatus
15 8,712,977 Computer product, information retrieval method, and information retrieval apparatus
16 8,712,928 Information processing apparatus and update information obtainment method
17 8,712,917 Software execution management apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium thereof
18 8,712,817 Process information structuring support method
19 8,712,601 Vehicle control system
20 8,712,480 Mobile communication apparatus
21 8,712,458 Radio communication system, base station apparatus, terminal apparatus, and radio communication method for radio communication system
22 8,712,347 Wireless communication system
23 8,712,346 Transmission device
24 8,712,345 Distortion compensation device, distortion compensation method, and radio transmitter
25 8,712,253 Optical packet signal transmission device and WDM optical communication network
26 8,712,238 Optical switching device and communications system
27 8,712,235 Transmission apparatus and network protection method
28 8,712,213 Video-recording reservation management apparatus, method, program, and system
29 8,712,195 Optical modulator module
30 8,712,094 Digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark embedding method, and digital watermark detection apparatus
31 8,711,972 Radio communication system, transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, and radio communication method in radio communication
32 8,711,969 Global codebook for coordinated multi-point processing
33 8,711,858 Packet communication system and packet communication method, and node and user device
34 8,711,827 Mobile terminal based on W-CDMA system having receive diversity function and system thereof
35 8,711,813 Base station device and wireless communication method
36 8,711,810 Method for dropping packet data, radio communication device, and mobile communication system
37 8,711,778 Wireless device and communication control method
38 8,711,754 Base station, relay station, and bandwidth allocation method
39 8,711,730 System and method for identifying a target signal in an optical transport network frame structure
40 8,711,714 Method and system for simulating wireless networks
41 8,711,643 Memory interface circuit, memory interface method, and electronic device
42 8,711,576 Electronic apparatus and manufacturing method of electronic apparatus
43 8,711,359 Delay interferometer using magneto-optic effect of a variable faraday rotator
44 8,711,194 Printer
45 8,711,189 Resolution setting apparatus, resolution setting method, and recording medium recording a resolution setting program when a television is used as a monitor of a computer
46 8,711,158 Mobile terminal including stellar body watching hookup communications function
47 8,711,089 Position detection device, pointing device and input device
48 8,711,051 Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
49 8,711,042 Mobile communication device
50 8,710,918 Electronic component and reflected-wave cancelling method
51 8,710,710 Method of fabricating crystal unit, crystal unit fabrication mask, and crystal unit package
52 8,710,642 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
53 8,710,614 Light receiving element with offset absorbing layer
54 8,709,898 Fabrication method of semiconductor device and fabrication method of dynamic threshold transistor
55 8,709,896 Semiconductor device and fabrication method
56 8,709,886 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
57 8,709,197 Method of making electronic component and heat conductive member and method of mounting heat conductive member for electronic component
58 8,708,741 Electrical connector with thermal conductive substrate
59 8,708,586 Camera module and method of manufacturing same