Fujitsu patents granted on 29 August 2006

37 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,100,173 Library apparatus including vertical rail fixed to remain stationary with respect to a cover member
2 7,100,030 System for identifying, based on setup use history, and displaying a setup of a system to indicate enabled and disabled setting items to a user
3 7,099,958 System for designing and performing web application
4 7,099,867 Dynamic determination of keyword and degree of importance thereof in system for transmitting and receiving messages
5 7,099,831 Advertising method and awareness server
6 7,099,738 CAM system and program, and method for controlling CAM system
7 7,099,673 Mobile communication system, and a radio base station, a radio apparatus and a mobile terminal
8 7,099,651 Cellular phone managing method, managing apparatus, record medium and cellular phone apparatus
9 7,099,634 Transmitting diversity communications apparatus
10 7,099,595 Optical wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus and optical output control method for optical wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus
11 7,099,541 Optical fiber cable
12 7,099,534 Optical transmission device with optical waveguide coupled to optical device
13 7,099,524 Optical modulator
14 7,099,363 Surface-emitting laser with a low threshold value and low power consumption and method of manufacturing the same
15 7,099,225 Semiconductor memory device with reduced leak current
16 7,099,208 Semiconductor memory automatically carrying out refresh operation
17 7,099,154 Electronic apparatus with a cooling redundancy function
18 7,099,097 Thermally assisted magnetic recording method
19 7,099,094 Magnetic pattern transferring method for performing a magnetic pattern transfer
20 7,099,066 Micromirror unit and method of making the same
21 7,098,950 Image sensor with stabilized black level and low power consumption
22 7,098,878 Semiconductor device and liquid crystal panel driver device
23 7,098,875 Display device
24 7,098,837 A/D converter
25 7,098,835 Analog/digital conversion method and analog/digital conversion circuit
26 7,098,818 Encoder and decoder using run-length-limited code
27 7,098,716 DC offset cancellation circuit, differential amplification circuit with DC offset cancellation circuit, photo-electric pulse conversion circuit, pulse shaping circuit, and pulse generation circuit
28 7,098,709 Spread-spectrum clock generator
29 7,098,699 Buffer circuit device supplying a common mode voltage applicable to a next-stage circuit receiving output signals of the buffer circuit device
30 7,098,639 DC-DC converter and method for controlling DC-DC converter
31 7,098,153 Semiconductor device, manufacture and evaluation methods for semiconductor device, and process condition evaluation method
32 7,098,147 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
33 7,098,110 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
34 7,097,366 Method for production of optical module and optical module
35 7,097,022 Device, method and program for paper discrimination
36 7,096,911 Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate
37 7,096,733 Angular velocity sensor