Fujitsu patents granted on 29 March 2011

37 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,917,872 Simulation method and computer-readable storage medium
2 7,917,802 Write omission detector, write omission detecting method, and computer product
3 7,917,778 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for controlling semiconductor integrated circuit
4 7,917,739 Storage medium storing calculation processing visualization program, calculation processing visualization apparatus, and calculation processing visualization method
5 7,917,664 Storage apparatus, storage apparatus control method, and recording medium of storage apparatus control program
6 7,917,640 Communication bandwidth control method for a broadcast communication system, a server and a user terminal used in a broadcast communication system, and a program
7 7,917,408 Parcel tracing system, parcel tracing method and program
8 7,917,149 System and method for reusing wireless resources in a wireless network
9 7,917,119 Band control apparatus, band control program and band control method
10 7,917,118 Receiver apparatus and method of processing received signal which attain optimum SNR
11 7,917,090 Portable terminal device and on-vehicle device
12 7,917,033 Wavelength-multiplexing optical transmission system and wavelength-multiplexing optical transmission method
13 7,917,032 Multi-bit-rate optical communication method, optical network unit, and optical line terminal
14 7,916,964 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 7,916,874 Gain adjusting method and a gain adjusting device
16 7,916,813 Receiver device
17 7,916,760 Packet sending apparatus and packet transmission system
18 7,916,752 Radio transmission apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, radio communication apparatus, radio transmission method and radio receiving method
19 7,916,568 Semiconductor memory device changing refresh interval depending on temperature
20 7,916,503 DC-DC converter, power supply voltage supplying method, and power supply voltage supplying system
21 7,916,468 Stand and electronic device system
22 7,916,216 Composite signal analog-to-digital converting device
23 7,916,145 Drawing apparatus and dotted line drawing method
24 7,916,049 Group delay characteristic correcting device and group delay characteristic correcting method
25 7,916,032 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and manufacturing method thereof
26 7,916,029 RFID tag and method for manufacturing the same
27 7,915,998 Vehicle control system and vehicle control apparatus
28 7,915,911 Input circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
29 7,915,733 Semiconductor device
30 7,915,720 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and test method thereof
31 7,915,541 Multilayer interconnection substrate and manufacturing method therefor
32 7,915,538 Multilayer wiring board and its manufacturing method
33 7,915,172 Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating semiconductor device
34 7,915,125 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,915,054 Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric capacitor
36 7,914,355 Method of manufacturing display apparatus with SAW touch sensor
37 7,914,325 Connector, printed circuit board, connecting device connecting them, and method of testing electronic part, using them