Fujitsu patents granted on 29 March 2016

44 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,301,316 Scheduling request enabled uplink transmission
2 9,301,199 Network system, offload apparatus and traffic control method for network system
3 9,301,187 Radio terminal, radio communication system, and radio communication method
4 9,301,178 Data extraction method and data extraction device
5 9,301,160 Network supervised device-to-device communication
6 9,301,125 Communication system, communication program, communication apparatus, mobile terminal and, communication method
7 9,301,104 Data output method, data output program, and terminal device
8 9,300,983 Moving picture data comparing method and apparatus
9 9,300,869 Reduction of spatial resolution for temporal resolution
10 9,300,818 Information processing apparatus and method
11 9,300,573 Recording medium having stored therein a transfer program, transfer apparatus, and transfer method
12 9,300,426 Transmission apparatus, transmission system, and method of controlling average optical input power
13 9,300,401 Updating apparatus and method for equalizer coefficient, receiver and otpical communication system
14 9,300,256 Amplification device and amplification method
15 9,300,255 Radio communication circuit and radio communication apparatus
16 9,300,180 Molded motor
17 9,300,138 System and method for managing power consumption
18 9,299,801 Method for fabricating a transistor device with a tuned dopant profile
19 9,299,698 Semiconductor structure with multiple transistors having various threshold voltages
20 9,299,520 Electromagnetic relay
21 9,299,354 Audio encoding device and audio encoding method
22 9,299,235 Portable electronic apparatus, and falling prediction method
23 9,299,163 Method and apparatus for processing edges of a gray image
24 9,299,033 Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal transition pattern
25 9,299,006 Authentication device and method
26 9,298,996 Biometric authentication device and method
27 9,298,989 Method and apparatus for recognizing actions
28 9,298,965 Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method
29 9,298,857 Information integrating apparatus, method, and computer product
30 9,298,701 Machine translation device, machine translation method, and recording medium storing machine translation program
31 9,298,663 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
32 9,298,517 Exclusive control request allocation method and system
33 9,298,510 Method and apparatus for job management
34 9,298,500 Information processing system and control method of information processing system for managing jobs in a distributed multi-node environment
35 9,298,365 Storage medium, information processing apparatus and character recognition method
36 9,298,271 Mounting device and electronic apparatus
37 9,298,245 Information processing apparatus performing processes in parallel
38 9,298,239 Control device, power supply device, and method for controlling power
39 9,298,229 Flow-guiding hood for guiding a flow of air
40 9,297,956 Optical device, optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical transceiver, and method of manufacturing optical device
41 9,297,850 Circuits and methods for measuring circuit elements in an integrated circuit device
42 9,296,227 Printer including multiple cutter units that connect to each other through projections and grooves when lid is closed
43 9,296,220 Printer apparatus
44 9,295,414 Adaptive interruptions personalized for a user