Fujitsu patents granted on 29 May 2012

58 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,191,151 Privacy protection device, privacy protection method, and recording medium recorded with privacy protection program
2 8,190,946 Fault detecting method and information processing apparatus
3 8,190,935 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling operating frequency of an information processing apparatus
4 8,190,928 Power-on detection circuit and microcontroller
5 8,190,853 Calculator and TLB control method
6 8,190,825 Arithmetic processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
7 8,190,821 Cache control apparatus, information processing apparatus, and cache control method
8 8,190,817 Raid control apparatus and RAID system
9 8,190,813 Terminal apparatus with restricted non-volatile storage medium
10 8,190,805 Information processing apparatus and method for reconfiguring the information processing apparatus
11 8,190,795 Memory buffer allocation device and computer readable medium having stored thereon memory buffer allocation program
12 8,190,792 Input-output management device and information processing device
13 8,190,632 Computer product, information retrieving apparatus, and information retrieving method
14 8,190,603 Information providing system, information providing method and information providing record medium
15 8,190,559 Document management apparatus, storage medium storing program for document management apparatus, and method for managing documents
16 8,190,432 Speech enhancement apparatus, speech recording apparatus, speech enhancement program, speech recording program, speech enhancing method, and speech recording method
17 8,190,378 Crack growth evaluation apparatus, crack growth evaluation method, and recording medium recording crack growth evaluation program
18 8,190,239 Individual identification device
19 8,190,187 Communication apparatus, base station apparatus and communication method
20 8,190,186 Wireless communication system, weak radio wave communication device, mobile terminal device, base station device, and program
21 8,190,110 Power amplifier comprising a slotted power combiner
22 8,190,036 Optical signal receiving apparatus and optical signal attenuation controlling method
23 8,190,032 Optical signal processing apparatus
24 8,190,031 Optical network design apparatus and dispersion compensation design method
25 8,190,022 Optical transmission apparatus
26 8,189,921 Character recognition device
27 8,189,800 Active silencer and method for controlling active silencer
28 8,189,774 Processors for network communications
29 8,189,764 Server for transferring a communication message
30 8,189,718 Adaptive optimization method and apparatus for average length
31 8,189,711 Transmission controlling method in wireless communications system and receiver for use in the same system
32 8,189,695 Transmission method and transmission apparatus in an OFDM-CDMA communication system
33 8,189,669 Motion prediction processor with read buffers providing reference motion vectors for direct mode coding
34 8,189,629 Mobile communication system and communication method thereof
35 8,189,601 Communication apparatus and method for terminating a maintenance message
36 8,189,594 Method of controlling header compression in wireless communication, wireless base station, and transmitter
37 8,189,589 Apparatus and method for forwarding packet data
38 8,189,550 Radio communication device, radio communication method and radio recording medium
39 8,189,531 Wireless communication system, wireless base station, and wireless communication control method
40 8,189,513 Radio base station apparatus and base station controller
41 8,189,510 Mobile IP communication system
42 8,189,480 Communication apparatus and communication method
43 8,189,458 Monitoring system, monitoring device, monitored device, and monitoring method
44 8,189,347 Printed board unit and fixing parts thereof
45 8,189,180 Optical fiber transmission line measurement apparatus and system
46 8,189,025 Thermal printer
47 8,188,931 Electronic device, antenna and article
48 8,188,922 Position information acquisition device, computer readable storage medium storing position information acquisition program and position information acquisition system
49 8,188,776 Phase-locked loop circuit
50 8,188,770 Method and apparatus for adjusting driver output current and electronic apparatus
51 8,188,684 Portable device, recording medium storing light emission control program and light emission control method thereof
52 8,188,602 Semiconductor device having multilevel copper wiring layers and its manufacture method
53 8,188,553 Semiconductor device and method for making the same
54 8,188,466 Resistance variable element
55 8,187,957 Field-effect transistor and method for fabricating the same
56 8,187,018 Connector and connecting unit
57 8,186,053 Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,186,052 Method of producing substrate