Fujitsu patents granted on 29 November 2016

59 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,510,333 Method for resource allocation, method for channel state information transmission, base station and user equipment
2 9,510,226 Information acquiring method and base station
3 9,510,216 Node device and communication control method
4 9,509,988 Motion video encoding apparatus, motion video encoding method, motion video encoding computer program, motion video decoding apparatus, motion video decoding method, and motion video decoding computer program
5 9,509,780 Information processing system and control method of information processing system
6 9,509,680 Information processing system, information processing method and communication device
7 9,509,658 Method of restoring a MAC address and recording medium
8 9,509,629 Operation environment migration support device, record medium with program stored therefor, and method therefor
9 9,509,623 Information processing device, information processing system, and method for processing packets from transmitting devices
10 9,509,611 Communication system, congestion avoidance method thereof, and meter reading system using communication system
11 9,509,559 Bandwidth control apparatus, bandwidth control method, and bandwidth control program
12 9,509,531 Decision feedback equalizer
13 9,509,493 Information processing technique for secure pattern matching
14 9,509,435 Determination device and determination method
15 9,509,412 Optical communication system, method for controlling optical communication, and optical transmitter
16 9,509,406 Optical transmitter, optical receiver, optical transmission system, optical transmitting method, optical receiving method and optical transmission method
17 9,509,404 Wireless transmission system and distortion compensation method
18 9,509,398 Relay method, relay system, recording medium, and method
19 9,509,370 Optical transmission system and optical transmission device
20 9,509,334 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, compression method, decompression method, compression device and decompression device
21 9,509,333 Compression device, compression method, decompression device, decompression method, information processing system, and recording medium
22 9,509,327 A/D converter and A/D converter calibrating method
23 9,509,259 Amplifier
24 9,509,253 Bandwidth improvement for amplifiers
25 9,509,113 Transient gain cancellation for optical amplifiers
26 9,509,058 High-frequency module and method for manufacturing the same
27 9,509,039 Portable terminal device and wireless communication method
28 9,508,912 Thermoelectric conversion device having perovskite crystal including grain domain
29 9,508,800 Advanced transistors with punch through suppression
30 9,508,728 CMOS gate stack structures and processes
31 9,508,705 Electronic part, electronic device, and manufacturing method
32 9,508,627 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
33 9,508,559 Semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
34 9,508,421 Memory device, storage apparatus and method for diagnosing slow memory cells
35 9,508,352 Audio coding device and method
36 9,508,012 Extraction method and device
37 9,508,004 Eye gaze detection apparatus, computer-readable recording medium storing eye gaze detection program and eye gaze detection method
38 9,507,956 Stored data access controller
39 9,507,905 Storage medium storing circuit board design assistance program, circuit board design assistance method, and circuit board design assistance device
40 9,507,875 Symbolic hyper-graph database
41 9,507,741 System-on-chip design structure
42 9,507,724 Memory access processing method and information processing device
43 9,507,703 Storage control apparatus, storage system, and storage control method to adjust RAID system strip size
44 9,507,677 Storage control device, storage apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium having storage control program stored therein
45 9,507,664 Storage system including a plurality of storage units, a management device, and an information processing apparatus, and method for controlling the storage system
46 9,507,657 Investigation program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
47 9,507,645 Thread processing method for using a multi-core processor and systems therefor
48 9,507,635 Assigning speculative processes to plurality of CPUs based on calculated maximum number of speculative processes capable of being assigned and other processes assigned to each CPU
49 9,507,633 Scheduling method and system
50 9,507,624 Notification conversion program and notification conversion method
51 9,507,585 Firmware update apparatus and storage control apparatus
52 9,507,395 Electronic apparatus including DC-DC converters
53 9,507,236 Optical module and transmitting apparatus
54 9,507,235 Optical module and transmitting apparatus
55 9,507,108 Optical module
56 9,507,085 Optical fiber and optical fiber manufacturing method
57 9,507,018 Detection and ranging apparatus and ranging method
58 9,506,661 Duct type air conditioner
59 9,505,305 Vehicle device