Fujitsu patents granted on 29 September 2009

29 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,596,477 Peel strength simulating apparatus, peel strength simulating program storage medium, and peel strength simulating method
2 7,596,358 Mobile radio communication apparatus
3 7,596,315 Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system and transmission wavelength control method therefor
4 7,596,295 Magnetic disk device
5 7,596,290 Optical-switch testing apparatus, optical-signal switching apparatus, optical-switch testing method, and control method for optical-signal switching
6 7,596,132 Communication method, communication system, relaying device and communication device
7 7,596,101 Device, network, and system for forwarding frames between geographically dispersed user networks
8 7,596,059 Disc changer having disc pushing device
9 7,596,058 Recording medium having multiple magnetic layers
10 7,596,025 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling semiconductor memory device
11 7,595,961 Base member and information storage apparatus
12 7,595,780 Liquid crystal display device
13 7,595,770 Switch, image transmission apparatus, image transmission method, image display method, image transmitting program product, and image displaying program product
14 7,595,767 Antenna
15 7,595,712 Pointing device
16 7,595,693 System and method for providing a configurable inductor less multi-stage low-noise amplifier
17 7,595,668 High speed dynamic frequency divider
18 7,595,656 Interface circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
19 7,595,621 DC-DC converter control circuit and DC-DC converter control method
20 7,595,582 Resonator, ultrasonic die bonding head, and ultrasonic die bonding apparatus
21 7,595,581 Thin-film piezoelectric device and method of manufacturing the same
22 7,595,508 Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
23 7,595,458 Electronic apparatus
24 7,595,261 Method and system for manufacturing semiconductor device having less variation in electrical characteristics
25 7,595,250 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
26 7,595,231 Semiconductor device and its manufacture
27 7,595,228 Method for manufacturing electronic component-mounted board
28 7,595,219 IC chip mounting method for mounting two or more IC chips by sequentially transferring the IC chips sucked onto a first roller to a second roller and mounting the IC chips transferred to the second roller on a traveling base
29 7,594,826 Connector