Fujitsu patents granted on 29 September 2015

32 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,148,966 Electronic device
2 9,148,958 Circuit board and electronic device
3 9,148,901 Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus and line connection switching method
4 9,148,857 Communication method and communication terminal under discontinuous reception mode
5 9,148,813 Communication quality measuring apparatus and communication quality measuring method
6 9,148,583 Flicker detection method and flicker detection apparatus
7 9,148,410 Recording medium storing data processing program, data processing apparatus and data processing system
8 9,148,378 Packet processing apparatus and packet processing method
9 9,148,375 Method and system for implementing link adaptation based on mobility
10 9,148,294 System and method for switching a communication path based on disaster information
11 9,148,241 Transmission apparatus
12 9,148,229 Optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optical transmission method
13 9,148,228 Optical signal transmitting device, optical signal transmitting method, frequency fluctuation suppressing device and frequency fluctuation suppressing system
14 9,148,218 Optical receiver, optical transmission system, and span-loss monitoring method
15 9,148,214 Apparatus and method for providing a relayed wireless communication path between cells
16 9,148,103 Gain measurement circuit, gain measurement method, and communication apparatus
17 9,147,781 Light receiving element with offset absorbing layer
18 9,147,761 Compound semiconductor device
19 9,147,744 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
20 9,147,688 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
21 9,147,017 Verification support method, recording medium having stored verification support program therein, and verification support apparatus
22 9,147,011 Searching method, searching apparatus, and recording medium of searching program
23 9,147,002 System and method for content storage and retrieval
24 9,146,849 Apparatus and method for controlling power supply of control device that controls access to data
25 9,146,818 Memory degeneracy method and information processing device
26 9,146,803 Storage apparatus, control apparatus, and storage apparatus control method
27 9,146,799 Storage system and method for controlling storage system
28 9,146,782 Parallel computer system, controlling method for parallel computer system, and storage medium storing controlling program for management apparatus
29 9,146,779 System and method for migrating an application
30 9,146,370 Optical cable holding device and electronic device
31 9,146,298 Wireless communication system, slave station device, master station device, and wireless communication system control method
32 9,145,790 Pump, pump system, method of controlling pump, and cooling system