Fujitsu patents granted on 30 April 2013

50 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,433,982 Error-correcting encoding apparatus
2 8,433,974 Cyclic redundancy check code generating circuit and cyclic redundancy check code generating method
3 8,433,960 Semiconductor memory and method for testing the same
4 8,433,947 Computer program, method, and apparatus for controlling data allocation
5 8,433,932 Power circuit, information processing apparatus, and power control method based on fixed frequency characteristic of control signal
6 8,433,923 Information processing device having activation verification function
7 8,433,913 Apparatus, method, and program for digital signature
8 8,433,910 Electronic signature method, apparatus, and recording medium having electronic signature program recorded thereon
9 8,433,678 Method and device for editing composite content file and reproduction apparatus
10 8,433,676 Solution method of in-doubt state in two-phase commit protocol of distributed transaction
11 8,433,573 Prosody modification device, prosody modification method, and recording medium storing prosody modification program
12 8,433,453 Electric power leveling controller
13 8,433,369 Mobile terminal and method of using text data obtained as result of voice recognition
14 8,433,351 Communications systems
15 8,433,330 Base station apparatus and identifier assignment method
16 8,433,289 Communication apparatus
17 8,433,262 Transmission device and transmission method
18 8,433,255 System and method for reducing temperature-dependent and process-dependent frequency variation of a crystal oscillator circuit
19 8,433,252 Method for controlling communication in wireless terminal and wireless terminal
20 8,433,247 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
21 8,433,153 Image correction apparatus and image correction method
22 8,433,137 Image retrieval apparatus
23 8,433,099 Vehicle discrimination apparatus, method, and computer readable medium storing program thereof
24 8,433,067 Device, method, and program for image encryption/decryption
25 8,433,022 Clock data recovery circuit and clock data recovery method
26 8,433,011 Signal processing device, method and receiving device
27 8,432,998 Device for channel estimation in a multiple subcarrier CDMA system using a block of multiple subcarriers by multiple symbols and method thereof
28 8,432,996 Transmitter
29 8,432,995 Algorithmic matching of a deskew channel
30 8,432,925 Apparatus and method for controlling buffering of an arrival packet
31 8,432,910 Transmission information transfer apparatus and its method
32 8,432,886 Communication node, communication system and ad hoc communication method in accordance with time division multiple access scheme
33 8,432,877 Routing control method and system
34 8,432,858 Radio network controller and channel assignment method of simplifying and curtailing the channel switching time
35 8,432,837 Apparatus and method for frame synchronization timing detection and mobile terminal
36 8,432,792 Node apparatus, ring network, and protection path bandwidth control method
37 8,432,701 Storage device and storage system including storage device
38 8,432,592 Micro-structure
39 8,432,397 Data display apparatus for displaying measurement data in a time serial manner
40 8,432,393 Meshing device
41 8,432,193 Divider and mixer circuit having the same
42 8,431,965 Control circuit of transistor and method
43 8,431,860 Welding method and welding apparatus
44 8,431,852 Key switch device
45 8,431,830 Interposer and electronic device
46 8,431,464 Process for producing silicic coating, silicic coating and semiconductor device
47 8,431,052 Manufacturing apparatus and method for optical waveguide structure
48 8,430,683 Electronic apparatus equipped with connectors
49 8,430,573 Optical connector housing, optical connector connecting device, and electronic apparatus
50 8,430,324 RFID tag manufacturing method and RFID tag