Fujitsu patents granted on 30 December 2014

41 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,925,046 Device, method, and recording medium
2 8,924,979 Information processing device and control method for switching between processing units running operating systems to be associated with a user interface
3 8,924,806 User terminal and method for performing retransmission control
4 8,924,738 Information processing device, content processing system, and computer readable medium having content processing program
5 8,924,697 Method for processing interrupt requests in a processor
6 8,924,671 Semiconductor storage device and control method thereof
7 8,924,624 Information processing device
8 8,924,586 Management device in distributing information, management method and medium
9 8,924,551 Analysis method and information processing apparatus
10 8,924,386 Data distributing apparatus, data storing device, and recording medium
11 8,924,199 Voice correction device, voice correction method, and recording medium storing voice correction program
12 8,924,088 Collision detection apparatus, collision determination method, and activation control apparatus for occupant protection apparatus
13 8,923,909 Re-selecting network parameters in a cellular wireless network
14 8,923,872 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
15 8,923,856 Radio communication device, radio communication method, and storage medium
16 8,923,764 Mobile terminal device
17 8,923,751 Radio communication system
18 8,923,708 Signal processing device and optical receiving device
19 8,923,694 Optical receiving device
20 8,923,659 Optical switching apparatus and method
21 8,923,624 Arc detecting apparatus and recording medium storing arc detecting program
22 8,923,623 Method and apparatus for acquiring descriptive information of a plurality of images and image matching method
23 8,923,573 Vein image capture apparatus
24 8,923,449 Radio communication device and radio communication method
25 8,923,367 Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method
26 8,923,291 Communication apparatus and communication method
27 8,923,213 Wireless communication system and wireless terminal device
28 8,923,187 Wireless communication systems
29 8,923,175 Timing adjustment in multi-hop communication system
30 8,922,941 Library apparatus, cartridge, and hand mechanism
31 8,922,879 Optical amplifying device and optical amplifying method
32 8,922,878 Optical amplifier and method
33 8,922,876 Optical amplifying device and optical transmission system
34 8,922,627 Image processing device, image processing method and imaging device
35 8,922,027 Electronic device having electrodes bonded with each other
36 8,921,981 Semiconductor device, semiconductor wafer and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
37 8,921,868 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
38 8,921,125 Method of making ferroelectric memory device with barrier layer and novolac resin passivation layer
39 8,920,190 Electronic device, connection structure of electronic device, and electronic apparatus
40 8,920,055 Printer device and method for controlling cutting position of boarding pass
41 8,920,042 Optical connector, optical fiber incorporating method, and electronic information equipment