Fujitsu patents granted on 30 January 2007

24 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,171,641 Voltage change reflecting delay calculation method, and voltage change reflecting delay calculation system
2 7,171,592 Self-testing circuit in semiconductor memory device
3 7,171,515 Storage unit with improved performance by purging unnecessary data and transferring data with high probability of future hits to a segment buffer
4 7,171,504 Transmission unit
5 7,171,441 Virtual communication channel and virtual private community, and agent collaboration system and agent collaboration method for controlling the same
6 7,171,377 Workplace shopping system and merchandise picking system, and shopping method and picking method thereof
7 7,171,243 Portable terminal device
8 7,171,155 Learning support method and learning support program
9 7,171,119 Optical path cross-connect system with high expanding characteristic
10 7,171,084 Optical apparatus provided with demultiplexing function
11 7,171,083 One-by-N optical switch
12 7,171,076 Dispersion-slope compensator
13 7,171,071 Optical wavelength division multiplexed system using wavelength splitters
14 7,171,065 Compact optical devices and methods for making the same
15 7,170,925 CDMA receiver
16 7,170,556 Image sensor providing improved image quality
17 7,170,523 Drawing-information processing apparatus and drawing-information processed method
18 7,170,371 Surface acoustic wave device with a thicker partial bus bar area and optimal bus bar to electrode tip gap
19 7,170,177 Semiconductor apparatus
20 7,169,699 Semiconductor device having a guard ring
21 7,169,663 Semiconductor device with rare metal electrode
22 7,169,617 Device and method for quantitatively determining an analyte, a method for determining an effective size of a molecule, a method for attaching molecules to a substrate, and a device for detecting molecules
23 7,168,987 Right angle type connector used for balanced transmission of data signals
24 7,168,525 Self-checkout method and apparatus including graphic interface for non-bar coded items