Fujitsu patents granted on 30 November 2010

25 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE41,963 Semiconductor memory device
2 7,844,953 Program, apparatus and method for verifying program
3 7,844,941 Charged particle beam exposure method and charged particle beam exposure device
4 7,844,934 Method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout capable of reducing the processing time for optical proximity effect correction
5 7,844,883 Regenerative relay system and regenerative relay apparatus
6 7,844,765 KVM switch and method for controlling the same
7 7,844,627 Program analysis method and apparatus
8 7,844,411 Semiconductor integrated circuit
9 7,844,377 In-vehicle communication system, on-board terminal, portable device, and in-vehicle communication method
10 7,844,226 Electronic apparatus and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
11 7,844,188 Light collecting device and single-photon generation device
12 7,844,171 Rapid thermal processing apparatus and method of manufacture of semiconductor device
13 7,843,960 Multi-carrier radio transmission system, transmission device, and reception device
14 7,843,896 Multicast control technique using MPLS
15 7,843,868 Service quality management device and service quality management method
16 7,843,839 Transmission device serially resetting each circuit included therein
17 7,843,811 Method of solving a split-brain condition
18 7,843,804 Orthogonal frequency division multiplex transmission method
19 7,843,698 Electronic apparatus and enclosure
20 7,843,631 Gain control apparatus, optical transmission apparatus, gain control method for optical amplifier, and wavelength multiplex optical transmission system
21 7,843,433 Cordless pointing device and information terminal device
22 7,843,210 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing method of the same
23 7,843,179 Control circuit for synchronous rectifier-type DC-DC converter, synchronous rectifier-type DC-DC converter and control method thereof
24 7,843,034 Capacitor having upper electrode not formed over device isolation region
25 7,842,614 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and polisher used in the method for manufacturing semiconductor device