Fujitsu patents granted on 30 October 2007

22 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,290,230 System and method for verifying a digital design using dynamic abstraction
2 7,290,212 Program and method for displaying a radar chart
3 7,290,204 Remote slide show system using a browser
4 7,290,173 Communication apparatus
5 7,290,171 Device driver and device
6 7,290,158 Method of controlling data transfer within a semiconductor integrated circuit based on a clock sync control signal
7 7,290,000 Server, user terminal, information providing service system, and information providing service method
8 7,289,872 Method and apparatus for prediction of polishing condition, and computer product
9 7,289,703 Optical modulator, optical waveguide device and acousto-optic tunable filter apparatus
10 7,289,695 Optical switching device and optical member unit
11 7,289,686 Optical modulator
12 7,289,555 Method and system for signal processing using vector output from scalar data
13 7,289,429 System and method to perform non-service effecting bandwidth reservation using a reservation signaling protocol
14 7,289,292 Library apparatus for cleaning recording medium and recording/reproduction device, and control method thereof
15 7,289,287 Apparatus for recording or/and reproducing information and method for reducing power consumption thereof
16 7,289,070 Antenna apparatus
17 7,289,058 Radar apparatus
18 7,288,813 Direct tunneling semiconductor memory device and fabrication process thereof
19 7,288,811 Direct tunneling memory with separated transistor and tunnel areas
20 7,288,799 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
21 7,288,783 Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
22 7,288,722 Packaging structure and packaging method of electronic components