Fujitsu patents granted on 30 September 2014

47 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D714,287 Personal computer
2 D714,242 Mobile information terminal
3 D714,241 Mobile information terminal
4 D714,235 Radiator for electronic device
5 8,850,435 Detecting bottleneck condition based on frequency distribution of sampled counts of processing requests
6 8,850,382 Analysis apparatus and method to analyze a printed circuit board
7 8,850,376 Method, device, and a computer-readable recording medium having stored program for information processing for noise suppression design check
8 8,850,264 Information terminal and information processing method
9 8,850,255 Storage system control apparatus and control method for utilizing a relay unit of an abnormal control unit
10 8,850,234 Power management apparatus and method
11 8,850,118 Circuit and method for dynamically changing reference value for address counter based on cache determination
12 8,850,117 Storage apparatus and method maintaining at least an order of writing data
13 8,850,110 Virtual tape device and tape mount control method
14 8,850,023 Method for changing placement of virtual machine and apparatus for changing placement of virtual machine
15 8,849,792 Information management method and information management apparatus
16 8,849,755 Configuration information management apparatus and dictionary generation method of configuration information management apparatus
17 8,849,661 Method and system for assisting input of text information from voice data
18 8,849,625 Distributed process simulator
19 8,849,354 Transceiver set assignment scheme for a distributed antenna system
20 8,849,218 Radio base station and method of adjusting radio parameter
21 8,849,212 Wireless transmission method, and wireless transmitter and wireless receiver
22 8,849,211 Wireless transmission method, and wireless transmitter and wireless receiver
23 8,849,131 Polarization scattering compensation device and polarization scattering compensation method
24 8,849,128 Multi-wavelength light source
25 8,849,113 Wavelength selective switch and optical transmission apparatus
26 8,848,835 Interpolation circuit, reception circuit and method of generating interpolated data
27 8,848,738 Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
28 8,848,667 Wireless communication device
29 8,848,578 Method and system for support of spanning tree peering and tunneling in a flood domain
30 8,848,355 Communication device and method for combining and separating housings
31 8,848,353 Display apparatus and electronic equipment
32 8,848,176 Dispersion measurement apparatus using a wavelet transform to determine a time difference based on indentified peaks
33 8,847,971 Graphic processing device, graphic processing method, and non-transitory medium for storing graphic processing program for generating corrected graphic data
34 8,847,941 Display device and display control device
35 8,847,853 Stereoscopic image display device
36 8,847,683 Differential amplifying circuit
37 8,847,665 Semiconductor device and method of controlling analog switch
38 8,847,643 Semiconductor device and information processing apparatus
39 8,847,468 Piezoelectric generator
40 8,847,403 Semiconductor device including two groove-shaped patterns
41 8,847,392 Panel-type input device and electronic apparatus having panel-type input device
42 8,847,282 Semiconductor device and fabrication method
43 8,846,563 Apatite and method for producing the same, and apatite base material
44 8,846,479 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
45 8,846,478 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
46 8,845,344 Lock-release adapter and communication cable unit
47 8,844,883 Cable holder and electronic system