Fujitsu patents granted on 31 January 2012

36 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,108,859 Processor for controlling tread switching
2 8,108,814 Dummy metal insertion processing method and apparatus
3 8,108,751 Turbo decoding apparatus
4 8,108,702 Power saving device controlled by controller or disk
5 8,108,482 Data relaying apparatus, data relaying method, and data relay processing program
6 8,108,479 E-mail management system, mail server, forwarding method and medium
7 8,108,472 Electronic mail system
8 8,108,405 Refining a search space in response to user input
9 8,108,392 Identifying clusters of words according to word affinities
10 8,108,363 Computer product, method, and apparatus for analyzing computer system
11 8,108,354 Archive device, method of managing archive device, and computer product
12 8,108,015 Electronic apparatus and enclosure therefor
13 8,107,922 Mobile portable terminal, entrance-exit managing apparatus, and function suppression cancellation program storage medium
14 8,107,815 System and method for communicating wireless data utilizing a passive optical network
15 8,107,813 Drive circuit and optical switch
16 8,107,791 Display device, display program storage medium, and displaying method
17 8,107,690 Similarity analyzing device, image display device, image display program storage medium, and image display method
18 8,107,521 Equalizer device
19 8,107,487 Packet communication device for communicating packet to be transferred through packet communication which is time-managed in constant cycle and packet communication method thereof
20 8,107,314 Semiconductor storage device and method for producing semiconductor storage device
21 8,107,313 Semiconductor memory and memory system
22 8,107,299 Semiconductor memory and method and system for actuating semiconductor memory
23 8,107,272 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and writing method, reading method and erasing method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
24 8,107,215 Capacitor
25 8,107,160 Light output control apparatus
26 8,107,157 Micromirror unit and method of making the same
27 8,106,915 Display control circuit and display device
28 8,106,775 Checkout system, checkout system control program, and checkout system control method
29 8,106,732 Relay
30 8,106,730 Microswitching device and method of manufacturing the same
31 8,106,640 Power supply control circuit, power supply device, power supply system, and method of controlling power supply control device
32 8,106,467 Semiconductor device having carrier mobility raised by generating strain in channel region
33 8,106,377 Resistance change element and method of manufacturing the same
34 8,106,312 Sealing structure, electronic device, sealing method, gasket, and manufacturing method thereof
35 8,105,935 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
36 8,105,871 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same