Fujitsu patents granted on 31 July 2012

36 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,234,613 Program, design apparatus, and design method for dynamic reconfigurable circuit
2 8,234,557 Transmission device
3 8,234,472 Storage system, storage managing device and storage managing method
4 8,234,467 Storage management device, storage system control device, storage medium storing storage management program, and storage system
5 8,234,446 Disk array apparatus, data distribution and management method, and data distribution and management program
6 8,234,433 Interface monitoring device, computer system, and method for monitoring a differential interface port
7 8,234,428 Arbitration device that arbitrates conflicts caused in data transfers
8 8,234,415 Storage device and control unit
9 8,234,389 Communication control method and communication control unit controlling network connection status among communication units
10 8,234,355 Communication device for path control, and path control method
11 8,234,343 Electronic device, a method of displaying mail information
12 8,234,254 Image recognition apparatus, method and system for realizing changes in logical structure models
13 8,233,800 Method and system for upgrading a fiber optics network
14 8,233,706 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 8,233,553 Digital broadcast demodulator and digital broadcast demodulation method for suppressing degradation of reception characteristics
16 8,233,523 Multidimensional asymmetric bang-bang control
17 8,233,497 Communication control apparatus
18 8,233,453 Method for dropping packet data, radio communication device, and mobile communication system
19 8,233,437 Mobile IP communication system, apparatus, and method with DHCP proxy functions
20 8,233,347 Semiconductor memory, semiconductor device, and system
21 8,233,321 Semiconductor memory device and method for driving semiconductor memory device
22 8,233,286 Printed wiring board reliably achieving electric connection with electronic component
23 8,233,257 Power supply circuit, overcurrent protection circuit for the same, and electronic device
24 8,233,193 Document editing to prevent leaking secret information by masking an area including hierarchically arranged objects
25 8,233,092 Video signal processing device
26 8,233,072 Electronic device, control method thereof, and recording medium
27 8,232,952 Display element, method of driving the same, and electronic paper including the same
28 8,232,770 Battery remaining capacity predicting apparatus
29 8,232,217 Film deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and method of coating the film deposition apparatus
30 8,232,191 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
31 8,232,180 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device comprising active region divided by STI element isolation structure
32 8,232,125 Optical semiconductor device having active layer of p-type quantum dot structure and its manufacture method
33 8,231,394 Button device having a separable operation part and an electronic device having such a button device
34 8,230,901 Electronic device cooling apparatus
35 8,230,740 Angular speed sensor and electronic apparatus
36 8,230,590 Method for mounting electronic components