Fujitsu patents granted on 31 May 2011

46 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE42,405 Method for forming partitions of plasma display panel by using sandblasting process
2 7,954,102 Scheduling method in multithreading processor, and multithreading processor
3 7,954,076 Transmission delay analyzing apparatus, medium recording transmission delay analyzing program, and transmission delay analyzing method
4 7,953,974 Authentication method, authentication system, and tag device thereof, data reference client, authentication server, and data server
5 7,953,962 Multiprocessor system and control method thereof
6 7,953,918 Service bus linking method and service bus for linking plurality of service buses together
7 7,953,835 Network management method and network management program
8 7,953,669 Information processing apparatus
9 7,953,629 Online sales promotion method and device
10 7,953,428 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and re-transmission control method
11 7,953,370 Carrier sensing method and RFID transceiver device using the same
12 7,953,329 Optical communication apparatus and optical add/drop apparatus
13 7,953,328 Optical DQPSK transmitter phase monitor and control
14 7,953,322 Optical switch and optical switch control method
15 7,953,305 Optical waveguide device and producing method thereof
16 7,953,298 Image magnification device, image magnification method and computer readable medium storing an image magnification program
17 7,953,269 Method for inspecting pattern defect occured on patterns formed on a substrate
18 7,953,215 Address information-exchange system, communication terminal device, server apparatus, address information-exchange method, and recording medium
19 7,953,167 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
20 7,953,141 Interference reduction receiver
21 7,952,994 Redundancy method and switch apparatus
22 7,952,955 Semiconductor memory
23 7,952,887 Card unit, device unit, card attaching/detaching method and electronic apparatus
24 7,952,883 Electronic apparatus and in-rack electronic apparatus
25 7,952,766 Method and apparatus for processing image data and computer program
26 7,952,696 Exposure measurement method and apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
27 7,952,584 Method of displaying delay time, device and storage medium
28 7,952,578 Support apparatus, design support program, and design support method
29 7,952,509 Successive approximation A/D converter
30 7,952,449 Coaxial connector having a dielectric material for impedance matching
31 7,952,410 Semiconductor device and voltage-controlled oscillation circuit
32 7,952,390 Logic circuit having gated clock buffer
33 7,952,381 Semiconductor device
34 7,952,371 Integrated circuit device having ground open detection circuit
35 7,952,234 Power supply circuit, power supply control circuit and power supply control method
36 7,952,228 Power supply apparatus and electronic apparatus
37 7,952,227 Feed intermediate apparatus, feeding system, and feed intermediate method
38 7,952,117 Field-effect transistor
39 7,952,033 Microstructure and microstructure manufacture method
40 7,951,727 Capacitor fabrication method
41 7,951,715 Semiconductor device fabrication method
42 7,951,686 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having device characteristics improved by straining surface of active region
43 7,951,533 Structure determining method of functional substance having affinity to biomolecule or chemical, and method for producing functional substance
44 7,951,249 RFID tag
45 7,950,963 Connector with reinforced mounting structure and method of manufacturing connector
46 7,950,949 Connector and electronic device system