Fujitsu patents granted on 31 May 2016

34 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,357,680 Method for notifying abnormality in electro device, and electro device
2 9,357,676 Cooling device and electronic apparatus
3 9,357,583 Gateway node device, sensor node device, and method for controlling active time period
4 9,357,541 Control channel for wireless communication
5 9,357,477 Control apparatus and method of controlling cell search
6 9,357,471 Node apparatus and alternative path search method
7 9,356,992 Transfer control device, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program, and storage apparatus
8 9,356,836 Administration device, administration control method, and program
9 9,356,807 Communication systems
10 9,356,801 Apparatus and method for establishing connections with a plurality of virtual networks
11 9,356,689 Optical transmitter and optical signal transmission method
12 9,355,916 Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor device
13 9,355,501 Information generating program, information generating method, and information generating apparatus
14 9,355,324 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 9,355,298 Fingerprint authentication apparatus, method, and recording medium
16 9,355,297 Biometric information input apparatus and biometric information input method
17 9,355,207 Performing static timing analysis in the presence of instance-based systematic variations
18 9,355,192 Collation control device, and collation control method
19 9,355,125 Operation management support device, operation management support method, and recording medium
20 9,355,049 Interrupt monitoring system and computer system
21 9,355,005 Detection apparatus and detection method
22 9,354,914 Storage system
23 9,354,905 Migration of port profile associated with a target virtual machine to be migrated in blade servers
24 9,354,862 Apparatus and method for software information management
25 9,354,861 Wireless communication terminal, software update system, and software update method
26 9,354,701 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
27 9,354,695 Power supply apparatus, processing apparatus, and information processing system
28 9,354,662 Electronic apparatus and component for electronic apparatus
29 9,354,517 Resist composition and method for forming pattern
30 9,354,483 Optical limiter, optical logic circuit, comparator, digital converter, optical transmission apparatus and optical processing method
31 9,354,299 Radar apparatus and signal processing method
32 9,354,280 Current sensor, table tap with current sensor, and magnetic substance cover for current sensor
33 9,353,978 Adsorber and adsorption heat pump
34 9,353,957 Refrigerant distribution unit for air conditioner