Fujitsu patents granted on 31 October 2006

34 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,131,129 Objective lens driver and optical memory device
2 7,131,087 Multi-cycle path analyzing method
3 7,131,086 Logic verification device, logic verification method and logic verification computer program
4 7,131,072 Command input device, command input method, and storage medium
5 7,130,794 Received speech signal processing apparatus and received speech signal reproducing apparatus
6 7,130,663 Adaptive beam forming using a feedback signal
7 7,130,644 Mobile communication terminal capable of executing location-related services
8 7,130,632 Router and mobile communication terminal for mobile communication network
9 7,130,603 Radio equipment communicatable in two frequency bands and method for generating local oscillator signal in radio equipment
10 7,130,546 Optical receiver
11 7,130,504 Optical demultiplexing device and optical monitoring device
12 7,130,441 Speaker system having processing circuitry
13 7,130,356 Data transmission method and data transmission apparatus
14 7,130,352 Transceiver apparatus and transceiving method in communication system
15 7,130,322 Wavelength tunable laser and method of controlling the same
16 7,130,299 Digital subscriber line communication method and apparatus
17 7,130,271 Relaying apparatus
18 7,130,257 Recording/reproducing apparatus having a substituting part substituting for burst errors and a method of substituting for burst errors
19 7,130,193 Cabinet having heat radiation function and heat radiation member
20 7,130,162 Magnetic sensor and method of manufacturing the same
21 7,130,158 Head arm of magnetic disk device
22 7,130,142 Magnetic disk apparatus, method of controlling a magnetic disk, and program for controlling a magnetic disk
23 7,130,112 Optical amplifying device
24 7,130,099 Micromirror unit with torsion connector having nonconstant width
25 7,130,085 Half-tone dot elimination method and system thereof
26 7,130,081 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and recording medium
27 7,129,870 Superconducting latch driver circuit generating sufficient output voltage and pulse-width
28 7,129,726 Testing device and testing method of a semiconductor device
29 7,129,682 DC to DC converter producing output voltage exhibit rise and fall characteristics independent of load thereon
30 7,129,667 Motor controller, library apparatus, conveyance robot for the library apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium with motor control programs
31 7,129,565 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and phase shift mask
32 7,129,434 Electric contact device
33 7,129,136 Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,129,017 Chemically amplified resist composition and method for forming patterned film using same