Google patents granted on 03 August 2010

9 US patents granted on 03 August 2010 and assigned to Google

1 D620,950 Display screen of a communications terminal with teardrop-shaped marker icon
2 7,770,004 Methods and systems for image sharing over a network
3 7,769,792 Low overhead thread synchronization system and method for garbage collecting stale data in a document repository without interrupting concurrent querying
4 7,769,763 Large scale machine learning systems and methods
5 7,769,751 Method and apparatus for classifying documents based on user inputs
6 7,769,742 Web crawler scheduler that utilizes sitemaps from websites
7 7,769,579 Learning facts from semi-structured text
8 7,769,144 Method and system for generating and presenting conversation threads having email, voicemail and chat messages
9 7,768,797 Automatically detecting a computer chassis type