Google patents granted on 03 March 2015

77 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D723,575 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D723,474 Device connection cable
3 D723,459 Charging base
4 8,973,104 Method and system for providing limited usage of an electronic device
5 8,973,097 Method and system for identifying business records
6 8,973,084 Distributed recording of content
7 8,973,016 Processing an input event within an application
8 8,972,975 Bounded installation time optimization of applications
9 8,972,943 Systems and methods for generating reference results using parallel-processing computer system
10 8,972,886 Methods and apparatus for window displaying
11 8,972,875 Relevance bar for content listings
12 8,972,871 Supporting user interactions with rendered graphical objects
13 8,972,770 Systems and methods for conducting experiments on applications
14 8,972,722 Controlling a current access mode of a computing device based on a state of an attachment mechanism
15 8,972,673 Power management of memory circuits by virtual memory simulation
16 8,972,529 Management of pre-fetched mapping data incorporating user-specified locations
17 8,972,525 Selecting an interactive content item based on device age
18 8,972,489 Providing a client interface for a server-based web application programming interface
19 8,972,448 Cloud storage of game state
20 8,972,444 Nonstandard locality-based text entry
21 8,972,432 Machine translation using information retrieval
22 8,972,411 Selection of sponsored content using multiple sets of query terms
23 8,972,409 Enabling search for conversations with two messages each having a query team
24 8,972,404 Methods and systems for organizing content
25 8,972,402 Ranking users and posts in social networking services
26 8,972,398 Integrating online search results and social networks
27 8,972,394 Generating a related set of documents for an initial set of documents
28 8,972,392 User interaction based related digital content items
29 8,972,391 Recent interest based relevance scoring
30 8,972,388 Demotion of already observed search query completions
31 8,972,375 Adapting content repositories for crawling and serving
32 8,972,368 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing search results having contacts from a user’s social graph
33 8,972,332 Method and system for detecting anomalies in web analytics data
34 8,972,307 Method and apparatus for machine learning
35 8,972,298 Merchant category codes in a proxy card transaction
36 8,972,262 Indexing and search of content in recorded group communications
37 8,972,190 Systems and methods for generating transit trips
38 8,972,187 Varying the degree of precision in navigation data analysis
39 8,972,185 Constructing a transit transfer network from transit data
40 8,972,171 Collective vehicle traffic routing
41 8,972,065 Distribution of call-home events over time to ameliorate high communications and computation peaks in intelligent control system
42 8,972,055 Methods and systems for selecting a velocity profile for controlling a robotic device
43 8,971,978 Contact lens with integrated pulse oximeter
44 8,971,937 System and method for silent retry
45 8,971,931 System and method for operating an electronic device in a limited radio mode
46 8,971,908 Apparatus and method for configuring network connection parameters of a mobile device
47 8,971,881 Radio link monitoring in a wireless communication device for an enhanced control channel
48 8,971,865 Converged cordless and cellular phone system
49 8,971,826 Antenna element as capacitive proximity/touch sensor for adaptive antenna performance improvement
50 8,971,669 Method and apparatus for image processing
51 8,971,646 Face and license plate detection in street level images with 3-D road width features estimated from laser data
52 8,971,645 Video categorization using heterogeneous signals
53 8,971,644 System and method for determining an annotation for an image
54 8,971,642 Testing the rendering of visual content
55 8,971,640 Image alignment
56 8,971,591 3D image estimation for 2D image recognition
57 8,971,571 Visual completion
58 8,971,570 Dual LED usage for glint detection
59 8,971,533 Secure reset of personal and service provider information on mobile devices
60 8,971,437 Method and apparatus for antenna array channel feedback
61 8,971,310 Apparatus and method for end-to-end adaptive frame packing and redundancy in a heterogeneous network environment
62 8,971,274 Valuation of and marketplace for inter-network links between balloon network and terrestrial network
63 8,971,036 Hard disk drive retention
64 8,971,026 Electronic device housing and assembly method
65 8,971,024 Input for computing device
66 8,971,023 Wearable computing device frame
67 8,970,632 Systems and methods for temporary display of map data stored in a display device high speed memory
68 8,970,583 Image space stylization of level of detail artifacts in a real-time rendering engine
69 8,970,571 Apparatus and method for display lighting adjustment
70 8,970,525 Method and system for trackpad input error mitigation
71 8,970,495 Image stabilization for color-sequential displays
72 8,970,486 Mobile device with user interaction capability and method of operating same
73 8,970,455 Systems and methods for processing content displayed on a flexible display
74 8,970,452 Imaging method
75 8,968,099 System and method for transporting virtual objects in a parallel reality game
76 8,968,012 Device connection cable
77 8,967,533 Balloon power sources with a buoyancy trade-off