Google patents granted on 03 May 2016

65 US patents granted on 03 May 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D755,232 Portion of a display screen with icon
2 9,332,616 Path light feedback compensation
3 9,332,578 Connecting wireless devices using visual image capture and processing
4 9,332,494 Static schedule frequency adjusting techniques for wireless MIMO networks
5 9,332,492 Rapid acknowledgement of radio transmissions for energy minimization
6 9,332,491 Apparatus and method for optimizing performance of a radio device
7 9,332,423 Methods and systems for system updating of mobile devices operating in privacy or other informationally restricted modes
8 9,332,392 Remotely activating a combination of mobile device functions
9 9,332,388 Hand held device with an integral access control component
10 9,332,387 Prefetching and caching map data based on mobile network coverage
11 9,332,382 System and method of location estimation based on intersections and range estimation
12 9,332,368 Accelerometer or transducer on a device
13 9,332,291 Enforcing publisher content item block requests
14 9,332,276 Variable-sized super block based direct prediction mode
15 9,332,201 Curved image sensor for a curved focal surface
16 9,332,101 Contact cropping from images
17 9,332,081 Anonymous cross-device linking using temporal identifiers
18 9,332,080 Systems and methods for indicating a user state in a social network
19 9,332,057 Node having functionality that is inoperable unless the node is registered to a user account at a remote site
20 9,332,044 System and method for automatically suggesting or inviting a party to join a multimedia communications session
21 9,332,040 Hazard detection unit facilitating convenient setup of plural instances thereof in the smart home
22 9,332,031 Categorizing accounts based on associated images
23 9,331,780 Systems and methods for adaptive energy utilization of optical interconnection networks
24 9,330,666 Gesture-based messaging method, system, and device
25 9,330,663 Initiating actions based on partial hotwords
26 9,330,571 Modifying behavior of autonomous vehicle based on predicted behavior of other vehicles
27 9,330,545 Determining input received via tactile input device
28 9,330,542 Configurable colored indicator on computing device
29 9,330,509 Method for obtaining product feedback from drivers in a non-distracting manner
30 9,330,399 Digital punch card for mobile device
31 9,330,340 Noise estimation for images using polynomial relationship for pixel values of image features
32 9,330,309 Correcting writing data generated by an electronic writing device
33 9,330,305 Method and device for detecting a seating position in a vehicle
34 9,330,278 Service profiles for associating data services with applications
35 9,330,277 Privacy manager for restricting correlation of meta-content having protected information based on privacy rules
36 9,330,195 Inducing command inputs from property sequences
37 9,330,171 Video annotation using deep network architectures
38 9,330,107 System and method for storing metadata for a file in a distributed storage system
39 9,330,093 Methods and systems for identifying user input data for matching content to user interests
40 9,330,077 Dynamic image generation for customizable user interfaces
41 9,330,074 Style sheet speculative preloading
42 9,330,072 Serving content for a space based on a probabilistic distribution
43 9,330,030 Bridge decoder for a vehicle infotainment system
44 9,329,937 High availability architecture
45 9,329,892 Systems and methods for performing scheduling for a cluster
46 9,329,767 User-specific customization based on characteristics of user-interaction
47 9,329,764 Overscroll visual effects
48 9,329,750 Three-dimensional tilt and pan navigation using a single gesture
49 9,329,701 Low power management of multiple sensor chip architecture
50 9,329,694 Preemptive machine learning-based gesture recognition
51 9,329,600 Balloon power sources with a buoyancy trade-off
52 9,329,388 Heads-up display for a large transparent substrate
53 9,329,347 Adjustable clamp sleeve for breakaway bundled interlocking drop fiber
54 9,329,096 Methods and systems for estimating an orientation of a tethered aerial vehicle relative to wind
55 9,329,047 Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history
56 9,327,851 Method of packaging camera facilitating ease of installation
57 9,327,845 Spar buoy platform
58 9,327,844 Methods and mechanisms for balloon launching
59 9,327,819 Methods and mechanisms for balloon launching
60 9,327,818 Ballonet for a balloon
61 9,327,817 Ballonet for a balloon
62 9,327,816 Optimal altitude controller for super pressure aerostatic balloon
63 9,327,734 Inferring state of traffic signal and other aspects of a vehicle’s environment based on surrogate data
64 9,327,406 Object segmentation based on detected object-specific visual cues
65 9,327,404 Systems and methods for determining a status of a component of a device